Odd in a sentence

Definition of Odd

Differing from what is usual, ordinary or expected. | (not comparable) Without a corresponding mate in a pair or set; unmatched; (of a pair or set) mismatched. | (not comparable) Left over, remaining after the rest have been paired or grouped.

How to use Odd in a Sentence?

  • What odd things people can do who have lived together like brothers and sisters!
  • She had come out here to think, but it was odd how fugitive and transient her thoughts became.
  • That odd giddiness was increasing, and he scarcely knew whether he were asleep or awake.
  • In this garden Ned and his sons worked at odd times, and everything about it had a well-to-do air.
  • It was an odd look, sort of amused, and speculative; at least, that was the way I read it.
  • It is an odd fact that we frequently do not appreciate our possessions until others appear to value them unduly.
  • It was not even odd to us that no one in all these years had stolen or desecrated the pathetic mementos of a vanished life.
  • I fancied to myself what adventures they must experience, and what odd scenes of life they must witness.
  • Lack of productivity and raw stock caused the remaining human people to further mutate into odd looking things.
  • An odd question if it had been put by a man; but he had been trained to accept the fact that women are different.
  • It was an occasion made absurd and strange by the odd accident that the house caught fire upstairs while we were dining below.
  • Then he looks all about him, just as if he were reckoning up the odd bits of things; still he says nothing.
  • Duelling is forbidden by law; and so it seems odd to see the makers and administrators of the laws dancing on their work in this way.
  • He went on to tell her about the copper box that was the cellar, and the odd mock-up someone had made of his boat.
  • My uncle, though he still resented my refusal to go into his business, was also in his odd way proud of me.
  • He was a great observer of character, and could give the natural history of every odd animal that presented itself in this great wilderness of men.
  • Joan was wearing, as she usually wore nowadays, an odd shade of blue, very much the color of the orchids at her waist.
  • Clement regarded the mission as altogether odd and risky, but he dared not raise any objection, so he simply bowed low and sighed deeply.
  • Asked what she thought about at these times her reply was an odd one, and always gave the Queen a creepy feeling.
  • The girl, who had an odd dislike of anything vague in her mental processes, pursued the fugitive sensation to its lair with relentless precision.

Short Example Sentence for Odd

  • It is an odd feeling.
  • An odd uneasiness possessed them all.
  • I believe he did cry at odd times.
  • You have an odd way of putting things.
  • But he stayed her with an odd and unexpected question.
  • The twisted shoulders shrugged with an odd grace.
  • His Audience was attended with this odd Circumstance.
  • During a rather odd silence their eyes rested on each other.
  • This odd impersonality of hers was rather piquant to her partners.
  • When he did, it was with an odd change in the whole channel of his thoughts.
  • He would drop in at any odd hour to discuss his latest enterprise.
  • No matter what you do, or how you act, so that it be but odd and strange.
  • The odd thing is that I was more than a little shamefaced about it.
  • An odd feeling of sorriness for her step-mother came over Joan.
  • The girl turned her back on the Derby to watch this odd figure.
  • The Doctor paused a moment to think over this odd piece of information.
  • It looked odd to see Constance with a needle, but she was deft with it.
  • He had the odd distinction of being born on the 29th of February, 1800.
  • It was odd to miss both her and Mrs. Laudersdale from society at once.
  • And the odd part of it is, that she can't see that he dislikes her.

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