Odious In A Sentence

How To Use Odious In A Sentence?

  • How dare you consider me as an accomplice in your odious designs?
  • This letter conjured up that odious form once more before his eyes.
  • She turned with a shiver from the recollection of an odious scene.
  • O what's more odious in the eares of men?
  • Nothing is so odious as the obtrusion of technic in any work of art.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Odious | Odious Sentence

  • For all our family are odious to them.
  • Everything is equally odious to me.
  • It was an odious moment.
  • This is odious on the face of it.
  • Their popularity is odious to them.
  • And the more odious for being quotidian.
  • What an odious trouble this must have been to you.
  • In what an odious light have you exhibited me to myself!
  • Let me withdraw that odious expression.
  • The scent of the cleanliness was odious to him.
  • What is the odious town we are coming to?
  • She had plunged them all into the most odious confusion.
  • Makes the very best of a rather odious job.
  • The mere flavor of religion is odious to them.
  • Bargaining is odious to me, but it must be so!
  • But you forget the odious character of the man.
  • How odious an animosity which pauses not at the grave!
  • It would be a step equally odious and unnecessary.
  • If he only would not wear that odious scarlet uniform.
  • He felt nothing but his love for that odious woman!
  • Here the odious wretch wound his arm round my waist.
  • This vulgar, odious little place!
  • What is odious but noise, and people who scream and bewail?
  • These odious women and their little, narrow ways!
  • And Venice was grown odious to her.
  • The odious life I have lived!
  • He was odious and I knew that we hated each other.
  • We old folks Are odious to the young.
  • The news of this odious folly soon travelled to Paris.
  • What odious death, I pray?
  • Martha, why was I put into that odious shaped coffin?
  • They say Luke has murdered that odious Philip!
  • A cross-eyed Q.C. with an odious leer.
  • I've been an odious little beast.
  • At times they were enforced with odious harshness and injustice.

Definition of Odious

Arousing or meriting strong dislike, aversion, or intense displeasure.
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