Offended in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Offended

1. I offended you once that way. 🔊

2. You both confesse you have offended me? 🔊

3. She was sorry that he had offended her. 🔊

4. Sarah was evidently deeply offended with him. 🔊

5. But she was not offended at the wry compliment. 🔊

6. He saw that he had offended her, and apologized. 🔊

7. It was as though they had offended God. 🔊

8. On the other hand, how had she offended Mrs. Cockayne? 🔊

9. As long as his prejudices were not offended his generosity was inexhaustible. 🔊

10. I put one or two questions to him which offended him, and he withdrew. 🔊

11. Catholics are very much offended when one speaks thus of the keys of Peter. 🔊

How to use Offended in Sentences?

1. Charley was amazed and offended at what he considered the heartlessness of the physician. 🔊

2. For that is the part of the foolish, and of those that are offended at outward things. 🔊

3. She was even a little offended at the inconclusiveness that did not settle things at Pangbourne. 🔊

4. Her Victorian sense of propriety would have been offended by a display of feeling. 🔊

5. I that had become offended in the end, without spite, you understand, but past bearing. 🔊

6. Yet she felt offended that Violet should insist upon keeping her engagement to the Scobels. 🔊

7. I feel that I shall not long remain here, but be summoned before an offended Lord. 🔊

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