Offense in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Offense

1. Hank took offense at the remark. 🔊

2. And this offense appears to be a frequent one. 🔊

3. It would be a deep offense to this friendly prince. 🔊

4. Ben knew she would take great offense if he laughed. 🔊

5. It was offense enough that Julia loved him. 🔊

6. But what if they had been right, and his had been the offense against them? 🔊

7. Any offense or affront to the individual was a mortal offense. 🔊

8. And his kinsfolks can't take offense either. 🔊

9. Prometheus, as penance for what offense art thou thus suffering? 🔊

10. In so doing he has given mortal offense to the mother of two Southern boys. 🔊

How to use Offense in Sentences?

1. She has more than once given offense to her friends by putting them into her books. 🔊

2. Garth succeeded in avoiding at the same time giving offense and giving information. 🔊

3. They had but few weapons of offense or defense, and knew not the use of the bow and arrow. 🔊

4. In the back of my mind was always a sense of the enormity of her offense against Perry. 🔊

5. If he committed the offense often, a yoke would be put round his neck, as if he were a brute. 🔊

6. I was very much embarrassed, yet I did not want to give offense by refusing them. 🔊

7. I am not angry, nor with you, nor him: Nor should you take offense at what I do. 🔊

8. A stalwart darkey once gave offense at a negro ball in New Orleans by putting on a good many airs. 🔊

9. It's by no means a criminal offense for him to pick a row with you about his shotgun. 🔊

10. Any petty offense on the part of a slave was sufficient to subject the offender to this brutal treatment. 🔊

11. The idea of taking offense at any nonsense which an ignorant pagan should say was quite beneath him. 🔊