Offered in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Offered

1. I offered you ten thousand florins for it. 🔊

2. You offered to pay more, you know you did. 🔊

3. So when occasion offered I slipped it out of his hand. 🔊

4. Another came and offered a gold Crown-piece. 🔊

5. He pushed away the food Harding offered him. 🔊

6. Sofas covered in cornflower-blue velvet offered you a luxurious repose. 🔊

7. He also put up a sign which offered his services to the public as a lawyer. 🔊

8. But to her life when the hours of work were over, she offered next to no clue. 🔊

9. Captain Griffiths offered a clumsy expression of his sympathy. 🔊

10. Mrs. Culpeper clutched desperately at the straw that was offered her. 🔊

11. With regard to the Mass, I have been offered 1000 florins (C.M.) for it. 🔊

How to use Offered in Sentences?

1. She had complained when work was not offered to her, she complained more bitterly when it was. 🔊

2. Grant was a bold rider, and he promptly offered himself to execute the dangerous mission. 🔊

3. Then he offered a compromise: he would publish the book and allow me ten per cent. 🔊

4. I wrote Orion and offered him half, and asked him to send his share of the money. 🔊

5. Westphalia, Beethoven offered the appointment of Kapellmeister to the King of, in 1808. 🔊

6. Now as they seated themselves this third man arrived and they offered unto him a share of their food. 🔊

7. So determined were the settlers to capture him that they offered a reward to any one who would bring them any knowledge of his movements. 🔊

8. It was decorated by him, not as a system of truth, but as a sacrifice to be offered up on the altar of atheism. 🔊

9. Frank had picked up the coat from the pavement where Vincent had flung it and he now offered it to him. 🔊