Office in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Office

1. Everybody in the office was busy. 🔊

2. This place is the office of somebody important. 🔊

3. Reisser had also undertaken the office of his co-guardian. 🔊

4. The office rent was cheap, but it was not cheap enough. 🔊

5. Contractors to h. m. war office and admiralty. 🔊

6. The Foreign Office can do nothing for you. 🔊

7. Early in 1910 the War Office abandoned the experiments. 🔊

8. I'll phone down to the office at once. 🔊

9. Ev'ry good office of benevolence. 🔊

10. In the other her sister performed the office of mantua and corset maker. 🔊

11. Kitchener has ruled the British War Office practically as an autocrat. 🔊

12. Employed by the British War Office for aviation work, 1905-1909. 🔊

13. It seems that Mr. Tyson runs a broker's office in Brenton. 🔊

14. He holds his Office by Patent from the Pope, and has it for his Life. 🔊

15. Undergoing War Office Tests, the SOPWITH 80 h.p. 🔊

How to use Office in Sentences?

1. What he had come to seek in the editorial office was not controversy, but information. 🔊

2. His office is run on dignified lines in keeping with the exalted sphere in which he practises. 🔊

3. We walked into the shade of the Harbour Office and leaned our elbows on the parapet of the quay. 🔊

4. Meantime the Foreign Office had sent urgent telephonic instructions to the police to let us out. 🔊

5. When the time came, I hastened down-stairs; but I found the door of the office closed. 🔊

6. His air of superiority is a continual reminder of his condescension in having his office under our modest roof. 🔊

7. Since he had been in office what had they learned except that he was approachable in human relations and unapproachable in political ones? 🔊