Officially in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Officially

1. The regiment was hers officially now. 🔊

2. He thus definitely and officially entered the movement. 🔊

3. Moreover, that persuasion were better officially applied. 🔊

4. Sir Hyde has not told me officially a thing. 🔊

5. General Mongroviejo called on her officially from the King. 🔊

6. Rebel" was the term by which he was officially styled. 🔊

7. On one occasion some people were officially commanded to dine. 🔊

8. The distress was thereby officially acknowledged; was that not sufficient? 🔊

9. These trap-doors are always officially sealed, when the car is loaded. 🔊

10. His political work is preserved officially in the reports of Congress. 🔊

11. He was, I have a shrewd notion, something of an officially petted reformer. 🔊

How to use Officially in Sentences?

1. She took her glasses down from her nose, as if that officially terminated the matter. 🔊

2. The gods are sought not only officially by the state or for state ends, but by the individual. 🔊

3. Other ecclesiastics of rank also visited the spot, and the whole affair was officially sanctioned. 🔊

4. Thirty days later it had passed all tests and was officially the Liberty motor. 🔊

5. The need for fishermen in Virginia was officially recognized to only a slight degree. 🔊

6. The Encyclical indicates the measures which are to be taken officially against Modernists. 🔊

7. That was the encouragement officially given to the landlord for assisting in the improvement of his property. 🔊

8. It was reported that in one day he had been officially credited with the destruction of four airplanes of the enemy. 🔊

9. Furthermore, the general had decided that the war was at an end, and officially it was so considered. 🔊

10. The girl's name had been changed officially and by the clergy, and a dowry had been given her. 🔊

11. The surgeon in charge of the hospital thereupon certified that this was the case, and in this way bygones officially became bygones. 🔊