Officially in a sentence

Definition of Officially

In an official manner. | (slang) Thoroughly, completely.

How to use Officially in a Sentence?

  • She took her glasses down from her nose, as if that officially terminated the matter.
  • The gods are sought not only officially by the state or for state ends, but by the individual.
  • Other ecclesiastics of rank also visited the spot, and the whole affair was officially sanctioned.
  • Thirty days later it had passed all tests and was officially the Liberty motor.
  • The need for fishermen in Virginia was officially recognized to only a slight degree.
  • The Encyclical indicates the measures which are to be taken officially against Modernists.
  • That was the encouragement officially given to the landlord for assisting in the improvement of his property.
  • It was reported that in one day he had been officially credited with the destruction of four airplanes of the enemy.
  • Furthermore, the general had decided that the war was at an end, and officially it was so considered.
  • The girl's name had been changed officially and by the clergy, and a dowry had been given her.
  • The surgeon in charge of the hospital thereupon certified that this was the case, and in this way bygones officially became bygones.
  • The last report officially published shows that we are producing one hundred and seventy million barrels per year.
  • Thus, the state has officially put its approval on the idea and has become a leader in the encouragement of this great kind of economy and thrift.
  • The land officially held as described was not, until the population became numerous, a serious encroachment upon this right.
  • There was also a lot of sorting and packing to be done, and farewell visits to be made, where these were officially expected of one.
  • Judge Jay was not yet officially connected with the antislavery societies, but his sympathy was close with them and their officers.
  • The courage of the British soldier is officially supposed to be above proof, and, as a general rule, it is so.
  • The Chinese, officially dead, replaced the sheet gingerly on his knees, as if it were an instrument of wickedness.
  • The leaders of the German army were present, and the French authorities officially shared in the proceedings.
  • I believe he is attached, officially at least, to the detective department of the Ministry of the Interior.
  • Davidson himself took some of his friends into his confidence, besides giving the full story officially to the Harbour Master.
  • Although it has never been officially acknowledged and its authenticity has been called in question, it states pretty accurately the motives and aims of the powers.
  • The men officially empowered to arrest Him return empty-handed, confessing the overawing power of His words.
  • Although it was not a matter that came officially under my jurisdiction, I told my colleague I should be glad to aid in every way possible.
  • A member of the Society then inquired of the president whether Dr. Ferguson was not to be officially introduced.
  • When we were officially notified that the Kaiser would proceed next morning by special train to Berlin, we made our own preparations to depart.
  • His name is spoken in no company with other than respect, and his influence is felt in places where it is not acknowledged, and would be officially disavowed.

Short Example Sentence for Officially

  • The regiment was hers officially now.
  • And so it was officially fixed for the railroad.
  • He thus definitely and officially entered the movement.
  • Moreover, that persuasion were better officially applied.
  • Sir Hyde has not told me officially a thing.
  • General Mongroviejo called on her officially from the King.
  • Rebel" was the term by which he was officially styled.
  • Salaries were officially paid to 17,000 sailors and officers.
  • On one occasion some people were officially commanded to dine.
  • The distress was thereby officially acknowledged; was that not sufficient?
  • These trap-doors are always officially sealed, when the car is loaded.
  • His political work is preserved officially in the reports of Congress.
  • He was, I have a shrewd notion, something of an officially petted reformer.

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