Offspring in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Offspring

1. Behold your offspring diabolical. 🔊

2. An offspring of no fountain small was he. 🔊

3. I have always known that hatred is the offspring of war. 🔊

4. Welcome to the offspring of the Muslims! 🔊

5. And yet thou livest, offspring of kings! 🔊

6. We are assured that we are the offspring of God. 🔊

7. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star. 🔊

How to use Offspring in Sentences?

1. Others think he is only the offspring of the snake worshipped by our forefathers. 🔊

2. They are the offspring of a single growth, and are perfect in their clear logical expression. 🔊

3. Since it results from division, it always tends to increase the offspring in geometrical ratio. 🔊

4. Then shalt know also that thy seed shall be great and thy offspring as the grass of the earth. 🔊

5. Presumption is, indeed, the natural offspring of ignorance, and not of knowledge. 🔊

6. No offspring of genius was ever more alive, more rich in individuality, than M. Paul. 🔊

7. And all these things which were prophesied of the lips of the saint unto the father and unto the offspring did happen. 🔊

8. They used it as a sort of navel-string to nourish their unnatural offspring from the bowels of royalty itself. 🔊

9. And for this cause they are themselves also counted apostolical, as being the offspring of apostolical churches. 🔊

10. If there is a molten center to the earth these igneous rocks are undoubtedly the offspring of this great internal furnace. 🔊

11. Plebeians may perhaps consider that they are superfluities, but such democratic notions are the offspring of ignorance. 🔊

12. It was begotten and born and grown, the offspring of faithful love between the soul of the artist and reality. 🔊