Oily in a sentence

Definition of Oily

Relating to or resembling oil. | Covered with or containing oil. | (figuratively) Excessively friendly or polite but insincere.

How to use Oily in a Sentence?

  • Before he was sufficiently awake to shout for help an oily rag was thrust into his mouth.
  • What is said in reference to the distribution of the oily matter along the edges of the eyelids?
  • We were now near enough to see over the gunwale as the boat rolled in the oily swell.
  • The oily calm below the first rapid dropped into another maelstrom of angry waters.
  • The carbon in this form is very finely divided and usually contains various oily materials.
  • These mingle with the oily and saline products of the skin, and form a thin crust.
  • The most indigestible of all kinds of food, are fatty and oily substances; especially if heated.
  • The American stamped out the blazing tow before the fire spread on the oily floor.
  • The skin is also provided with small follicles, or bags, which are filled with an oily substance.
  • He tould de capten to rig one of de pumps, and pump some of de oily water out of de hold.
  • Here the landlord, a little, fat, oily fellow, came up with a fresh bottle of lacryma.
  • The rich oily nuts, as big as lima beans, furnish a nourishing food to the Indians.
  • Josh Perrott sat on the bed, eating fried fish from an oily paper; for it was tea-time.
  • He had brought a man down from San Francisco, a big politician with an oily tongue.
  • It was oily and fishy but an excellent substitute for nothing at all, and the syndicate was grateful.
  • It likewise removes from it a large portion of the perspiration and the more fluid portions of the oily secretion.
  • In considering the purpose of the oily matter of the skin, there are two situations in which it deserves especial remark.
  • Diamonds blaze incongruously on arms and neck, a scarlet flower in oily black braids completing her startling attire.
  • And there were drawers and shelves to the ceiling where linen was kept, and a cupboard for cough-syrup and oily lotions for chapped hands.
  • The mist is down on an oily stretch of washed-out sea; through the mist the bats-wings of a sealing schooner are just indicated.
  • Soon however, she came in from the main part of the building, wiping her oily hands on a piece of waste.
  • Suddenly his boat moved uneasily, and close to its side the oily surface of the pale sea broke into a tumbling mass of foam.
  • Cimicine: an oily fluid of disagreeable odor secreted by certain Heteroptera and used as a means of defense.
  • Then he quickly changed the conversation and once more became the smooth, oily individual he was when Charley first saw him.

Short Example Sentence for Oily

  • The acid itself is an oily liquid.
  • His coarseness was almost better than this oily softness.
  • Such a flat, oily sea as it was then!
  • The oily body suddenly slipped away.
  • No lighted candles nor oily wicks are burning and shining.
  • He was a tall young man with inspired eyes and oily hair.
  • Picine: black, with a bluish oily lustre.
  • These oily and amorous monks of the Wey.
  • A little round, fat, oily man of God.
  • Follicles of Oily Matter in the Skin.
  • The day was warm and cloudy, with an oily smell on the water.
  • I know thee for a hardy blade that loves hard knocks better than oily words.
  • At this point he was interrupted by the easy, oily voice of M. Fernand.
  • He leads yo' on wi' oily tongue, Swears he's yo're fastest friend.
  • The man was a cad--an oily bounder with a poisonous mind.
  • She heard him call, and she heard Fernand's oily voice make answer.

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