Onslaught in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Onslaught

1. The onslaught was terrific. 🔊

2. But this onslaught was not from the enemy they awaited. 🔊

3. She had fancied this onslaught might await her. 🔊

4. The first onslaught had resulted in a carnival of blood. 🔊

5. But the enemy could not stand the onslaught of our forces. 🔊

6. We make no indiscriminate onslaught upon customs of dress. 🔊

7. Again came a fierce onslaught from the Russians. 🔊

8. But the onslaught against the Assyrians of which I hear? 🔊

9. The cadets staggered under the onslaught and then came to a halt. 🔊

10. It is a fierce but steady and continuous onslaught upon the woods. 🔊

11. And the surprise of his onslaught proved an ally of unguessed potency. 🔊

How to use Onslaught in Sentences?

1. Bits of the picturesque past went tumbling down before the onslaught of the demolishers. 🔊

2. Tariff walls, but lately effective barriers, are crumbling before the onslaught of trade. 🔊

3. Such is this onslaught that is clearly coming upon me from Jove, a cause for terror. 🔊

4. The very morning the unhappy woman left, I made a vigorous onslaught on the drink. 🔊

5. St. Iago!" to which the other side replied by another furious onslaught to the shouts of "France! 🔊

6. There was a scrambling of feet in the passage outside, and then a repetition of the onslaught on the door. 🔊

7. They knew even he could not hope to withstand the murderous onslaught of the beast now entering the duelling space. 🔊

8. Inside the door was a cage of iron where a keeper might stand and be protected from the sudden onslaught of a waiting prisoner. 🔊

9. But he could not dismiss the rumors of countless other petitions in preparation and the unavoidable disturbance such an onslaught would produce. 🔊

10. What there might be between us and it, or whether it was the onslaught of the enemy or the firing of our troops, we knew not. 🔊