Oozes in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Oozes

1. But it is not water which oozes to the door. 🔊

2. And honey oozes from the hollow hive. 🔊

3. My finger goes squash through the crusty brown, and pink goo oozes up and out. 🔊

How to use Oozes in Sentences?

1. The water oozes through the membrane, and by its evaporation the contents are kept very cool. 🔊

2. The water oozes through the porous clay and appears on the outside of the vessel as a faint sweat. 🔊

3. It is these that form the dark brown liquid that sometimes oozes out from the base of the manure heap. 🔊

4. Only one stone bench remains; the table and bason are demolished, and the spring now oozes over the damp floor as it did in a state of nature. 🔊

5. If from a vein, the blood is dark, and oozes or flows evenly; if from an artery, it is bright red, and spurts in jets. 🔊

6. A portion of the skin first becomes gray, or even black, in appearance, and around it oozes an inflammatory exudate, or even pus. 🔊

7. In other words, there oozes through, without actual rupture of the membrane, a thin, blood-stained, and purulent-looking discharge. 🔊

8. That is, the calcareous oozes are formed by the concentration of calcium carbonate through the vital action of animals and to a less extent of plants. 🔊

9. If there be a separation of the hoof at the top from the skin, and if a white frothy substance oozes out at this break, it is a sure sign that irreparable injury has been done. 🔊

10. Softening ensues, and the diseased area breaks down at one or more points, from which there oozes a discharge of a sero-purulent, purulent, or sanguinolent character. 🔊

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