Opinion in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Opinion

1. Precisely my own opinion of him. 🔊

2. My opinion is as good or better than his. 🔊

3. It was his opinion that it was made of hell-fire. 🔊

4. That certainly appears to be the opinion of mankind. 🔊

5. You mean to say that false opinion thinks what is not? 🔊

6. My opinion is as good as his, or better (if not better). 🔊

7. But I revised my opinion when I came to know him better. 🔊

8. What was the elder Dr. Rollinson's real opinion about Archie's relapse? 🔊

9. Renouard's face did not betray his opinion of that confident prophecy. 🔊

How to use Opinion in Sentences?

1. The opinion that nature brings them into being from some spontaneous and unintelligent cause. 🔊

2. Does false opinion think that things which are not are not, or that in a certain sense they are? 🔊

3. And does not false opinion also think that things which most certainly exist do not exist at all? 🔊

4. As a result, my private and concealed opinion of myself is not of a complimentary sort. 🔊

5. Dr Whately was of opinion that some brutes were as capable of exercising reason as instinct. 🔊

6. The opinion of this paper was of all importance, and Hubert tore it open with trembling fingers. 🔊

7. I have seen Mr. Price again, and he has confirmed me in my good opinion of him. 🔊

8. The fellows here formed the opinion that Mrs. Davidson was a meek, shy little thing. 🔊

9. One often related story concerning her braveness as a baby and her own opinion of this quality of hers is this. 🔊

10. But he is also of opinion that the most advisable step is the removal of my nephew to a foreign country! 🔊

11. They had examined the book, and the majority of them were of the opinion that there were places in it of a humorous character. 🔊

12. And thus not only speech, but thought and opinion and imagination are proved to be both true and false. 🔊