Opponents in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Opponents

1. His opponents call him a dishonest demagogue. 🔊

2. Secondly, as to the opponents of this power. 🔊

3. Luther consented to drop the controversy if his opponents would do the same. 🔊

4. If its opponents destroyed it, that was a contingency to be accepted. 🔊

5. His political opponents believed unjustly that he did this simply for effect. 🔊

6. Don't our political opponents say that property is theft? 🔊

7. Half an hour later the opponents stood at each end of the tennis-court. 🔊

8. These views and feelings are not peculiar to the opponents of Calvinism. 🔊

9. In the meantime some opponents of the appointee approached the President. 🔊

How to use Opponents in Sentences?

1. In his political action he seemed more anxious to annoy his opponents than to extinguish them. 🔊

2. To find additional reasons for differing from Anglican opponents was a party necessity. 🔊

3. The love of fair play is after all not confined to Englishmen, or to the opponents of Germany. 🔊

4. None of his opponents gave him much trouble except Peteiro of Ripton, whom he met in the final. 🔊

5. His chief opponents are, first, Eristics or Megarians; secondly, the Materialists. 🔊

6. Maneuvering into a favorable position above his opponents he shot down two of them within the space of a few seconds. 🔊

7. They also had the luck to deal with opponents who committed the supreme mistake of invoking foreign aid. 🔊

8. The scouts were getting in their work, hooking their bent arms around the necks of their opponents and yanking them out of the line. 🔊

9. I have also repeatedly mentioned that its most violent opponents have arisen from the Jewish community. 🔊

10. When Luther saw that his opponents grew more stubborn in their opinion he closed the colloquy on his part. 🔊

11. The quarrel between the great Saxon composer and his opponents raged incessantly both in public and private. 🔊

12. Besides these opponents of a lower type, there are others who do not merely lie and slander, but also seek to argue. 🔊