Opportunities in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Opportunities

1. Never had an actor such opportunities as here. 🔊

2. He must have seen certain opportunities in it. 🔊

3. Therefore all the people there had had opportunities for education. 🔊

4. He fancied that she avoided all opportunities of conversation. 🔊

5. But in real life opportunities of distinguishing oneself are less frequent. 🔊

How to use Opportunities in Sentences?

1. We had the immensest anticipations of the years and opportunities that lay before us. 🔊

2. There were politics, with their multifarious opportunities for fortune and place. 🔊

3. They afforded opportunities of free conference, which could not otherwise have been obtained. 🔊

4. We had not many opportunities for a closer view, because she did not care to give them to us. 🔊

5. Abington Abbey would be much more to them than an increase of opportunities for enjoyment. 🔊

6. In all these opportunities it would seem that Michelangelo was a most fortunate person. 🔊

7. Verdi knew this as well as anyone, and used the two first acts as opportunities for stage display. 🔊

8. The Liverpool people seem apt to take advantage of their opportunities of every kind. 🔊

9. Miss Seymour meantime took every advantage of the opportunities her new line of life afforded. 🔊

10. He may even find that there are unsuspected opportunities in the place that seemed so unpromising to him when he took it. 🔊

11. In effect they have also helped to give other important interests opportunities of organization and expression. 🔊

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