Opportunity in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Opportunity

1. An opportunity to laugh at me? 🔊

2. Here was an opportunity not to be neglected. 🔊

3. The holy Man chose his Opportunity when I was abroad. 🔊

4. I joyfully take advantage of this opportunity to address you. 🔊

5. Mr. Cockayne thought he saw his opportunity for an oratorical flourish. 🔊

6. Hamet's Arabs seized upon this opportunity to be alarmed. 🔊

7. And how could I send you alone, with such an opportunity to be taken care of! 🔊

8. I got my Share of them, and only wait for an Opportunity to send some to you. 🔊

How to use Opportunity in Sentences?

1. Then through that open country he had a good opportunity to ascertain our strength. 🔊

2. Now, if ever, was an opportunity for the imperishable quality of the affections to be vindicated. 🔊

3. The others sat watching, knowing that the opportunity had come for criticism of their friend. 🔊

4. Not long afterward, however, the barbarians had an opportunity of treating him with less respect. 🔊

5. Nelson seized the opportunity to board, and was himself among the first to enter the Spanish ship. 🔊

6. I seize the opportunity through Herr N. of approaching a man so gifted as yourself. 🔊

7. I have wanted a talk with you, and there couldn't be a better opportunity than this. 🔊

8. He had taken advantage of the opportunity which the gift of the cake presented to send her a note of thanks and appreciation. 🔊

9. He told her that he had sent us to look for it, and that we had taken advantage of the opportunity to rob the paymaster. 🔊

10. His heart gave a great bound, for it was the first opportunity he had had of seeing and speaking to her alone. 🔊

11. Lessingham went down on his hands and knees to help collect the fragments, and she found an opportunity to whisper in his ear. 🔊