Opposing in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Opposing

1. National and international are not opposing principles. 🔊

2. Two played at it: the opposing candidates. 🔊

3. She stood up with an opposing air of surprise and alarm. 🔊

4. Here are five cases; and there is no opposing instance. 🔊

5. The shouting was heard as far as the opposing Armada. 🔊

6. The Vicar was dragged by two opposing forces. 🔊

7. More than one man in the opposing force watched him as if fascinated. 🔊

8. And then a man was seen to leave the opposing ranks and walk towards them. 🔊

How to use Opposing in Sentences?

1. Evidently the opposing side did not feel capable of competing with so much oratory as that. 🔊

2. But the opposing forces of 1851 were very different from those of five years later. 🔊

3. It has remained for the war to bring the members of these opposing groups together. 🔊

4. It was a picturesque sight when the opposing teams were ready to commence play. 🔊

5. By opposing these remedies thou shalt conquer the appearance, nor be led captive by it. 🔊

6. The Germans, seeing but one man opposing their path, rushed forward to make him a prisoner. 🔊

7. The War Chief now issued from among his redskins, and made overtures to the opposing force. 🔊

8. The opposing commanders in the beginning of the engagement were Frederick Charles and Benedek. 🔊

9. It is not that the student should not know the arguments opposing the ideas of the advocates of peace by arbitration. 🔊

10. And what would remain of art if it had not this power of suggestion by which it comes to us and wins the victory over every opposing idea? 🔊

11. This brought his own vessels into the arrangement of two harrows, each pointing the apex against the designated vessels of the opposing squadron. 🔊

12. The enemy were as eager to take his scalp as his own people were to save it, and the opposing warriors came together in a hot melee. 🔊