Orator in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Orator

1. The orator had a decisive answer. 🔊

2. The orator shot the word out desperately. 🔊

3. The orator had seemed well content. 🔊

4. Jefferson was neither an orator nor a good talker. 🔊

5. The orator paced homeward alone. 🔊

6. The orator never closed his eyes that night. 🔊

7. The orator pressed the candle closer yet. 🔊

8. The orator tried to cover his terrors by windy bluster. 🔊

9. The orator wore the dress of his new office of strategus. 🔊

10. The orator groaned, staggered upward. 🔊

11. Yes, Orator Bob is its ruin. 🔊

12. She had her back against the door before the orator could open. 🔊

13. The orator swung on his heel and returned to the outer room. 🔊

14. The orator had a bandage above one eye, where a heavy sandal had kicked him. 🔊

15. The great orator was an emaciated, insignificant person, but he was all brain. 🔊

16. You were ambitious to shine as an orator and leader of the Athenians. 🔊

17. The orator drew into a doorway; the others glided by, seeing nothing. 🔊

How to use Orator in Sentences?

1. I can fully believe the orator who said that a stupid speech once saved his life. 🔊

2. Success as a pulpit orator was assured by the charm of his voice, the magnetism of his manner. 🔊

3. The powerful orator is a man to be admired, the powerful thinker a man we esteem. 🔊

4. He may be a first-class general, but he certainly is a third-rate orator and politician. 🔊

5. This astonishing orator and parliamentarian invented a patriotic opposition (1753). 🔊

6. Seizing the snivelling Seuthes, the orator led into the house and to a private chamber. 🔊

7. That the orator had destroyed Glaucon in black malice had become a corner-stone in her belief. 🔊