Ordinary in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Ordinary

1. Are such prolonged slumbers an ordinary occurrence? 🔊

2. That is, in ordinary life. 🔊

3. At least, not an ordinary one. 🔊

4. The core of an ordinary armature is shown in Fig. 🔊

5. The ordinary tourist omits Sumatra from his itinerary. 🔊

6. Any ordinary young lady, I mean. 🔊

7. Telegraphy through such a line by ordinary means would be impossible. 🔊

8. Spread to its full width, it was ample for three ordinary men. 🔊

9. The monocoque has coque body, the others ordinary rectangular section. 🔊

10. The most useful form, however, is the ordinary cylindrical type. 🔊

11. There was nothing out of the ordinary to be seen, and I drew back. 🔊

How to use Ordinary in Sentences?

1. Neither of these two latter schemes seems to be warranted in ordinary commercial practice. 🔊

2. Well, let me assure you that under ordinary circumstances it would have been a good shot. 🔊

3. The ordinary officer who formed part of the escort did not take part in the actual visit. 🔊

4. His ordinary time was about half-past twelve, but it depended on what time he started. 🔊

5. Whenever she looked at this ordinary spot of earth a breathless realization of the wonder and delight of life rushed over her. 🔊

6. It is not possible to talk as far or as well over a line in an ordinary cable as over a line of two open wires. 🔊

7. For ordinary commercial use too great a degree of sensitiveness is a fault, as has already been pointed out. 🔊

8. Half a dozen men in that room had the same shade of hair and mustache, and the same ordinary blue eyes. 🔊

9. I possessed it in a more than ordinary degree, and was generally able to distinguish between its suggestions and the mere humors of my imagination. 🔊

10. I should certainly not venture to offer any remarks on taste to you, my love, under ordinary circumstances. 🔊