Organizations in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Organizations

1. Forms that organizations may take. 🔊

2. These organizations must be both democratic and practical. 🔊

3. As the scale mounts, the organizations become complex. 🔊

4. Various organizations use it to prepare special foods for institutions. 🔊

5. The Grange and other organizations keep their attention on current problems. 🔊

6. The Grange is also the oldest of the general organizations for farmers. 🔊

7. The low organizations are simplest; a mere mouth, a jelly, or a straight worm. 🔊

8. America, Indian revolutionary organizations in, 146, 147. 🔊

9. Some women's organizations have already taken hold of this department. 🔊

10. History and work of farmers' organizations in the United States. 🔊

How to use Organizations in Sentences?

1. Co-operation should not stop with the federating of the organizations of a state. 🔊

2. That problem is now in its entirety imposed upon the industrial organizations of the proletariat. 🔊

3. We need organizations that shall level upward and to a greater extent involve the home. 🔊

4. A list of the principal racial organizations in the United States is included in the Appendix. 🔊

5. Men had found that it was more effective to work together through organizations than to struggle along as individuals. 🔊

6. Yet this continuity of improving organizations is often broken, and we often see insects which recall the earlier and more elementary forms. 🔊

7. If the party and the trade unions were organizations of preparation for the revolution, the Soviets are the weapon of the revolution itself. 🔊

8. Nobody in Germany can yet realize how this war has destroyed her commercial relations and commercial organizations throughout the world. 🔊

9. However wide were the organizations of the party and the trade unions in Germany, the revolution immediately proved incomparably wider than they. 🔊

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