Organized in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Organized

1. Under him the service was organized and made systematic. 🔊

2. Mites are lowly organized Arachnids. 🔊

3. Now Organized Labor revolted afresh. 🔊

4. The road once organized found a lively demand for its shares. 🔊

5. And then began an organized campaign to locate the monster cannon. 🔊

6. These societies are frequently organized along national lines. 🔊

7. For a period of several weeks all organized American resistance disappeared. 🔊

8. Well, that's a regiment being organized out o' Tennessee refugees. 🔊

9. The society was organized for the education of Lithuanian women in America. 🔊

10. Upper Peru was organized as a separate republic, with the name of Bolivia. 🔊

11. In 1832, Webb organized an express rider line between New York and Washington. 🔊

How to use Organized in Sentences?

1. Volunteer study clubs and societies for research are being organized in great numbers. 🔊

2. No one knew better than he how to compel submission by packed meetings and organized rowdyism. 🔊

3. Indeed, he himself showed an example of plundering, though under more organized forms. 🔊

4. The standing army organized in 1590 for the defense of the country numbered four hundred men! 🔊

5. These seven battalions were to some extent organized with field, staff, and company officers. 🔊

6. His first Cabinet was organized upon that theory somewhat modified by a reference to locality. 🔊

7. This national society, independent of any other organization, was organized in 1915 in Chicago. 🔊

8. The Polish people are, no doubt, the most highly organized of the Slavic nationalities. 🔊

9. First, there are facts dealing with the different agencies organized to help in solving these problems. 🔊