Original in a sentence

Definition of Original

(not comparable) relating to the origin or beginning; preceding all others | (not comparable) first in a series or copies/versions | (not comparable) newly created

Short Example Sentence for Original

  • 1. From the original record.
  • 2. And to return once more to our original illustration.
  • 3. They had to be absolutely original and fresh.
  • 4. Is a persistent experimenter on original lines.
  • 5. We returned to the drawing-room in the original disorder.
  • 6. This is a masterly and original delineation of Indian life.
  • 7. From Original Sources.
  • 8. With 400 Original Illustrations.
  • 9. Illustrated throughout with Original Engravings.
  • 10. The original machine was purchased by the Roumanian Army.
  • 11. With Sixteen Original Illustrations.
  • 12. Edited from the Original MSS.
  • 13. With Twenty Original Illustrations by the Author.
  • 14. I 'ave an original talent.
  • 15. With Illustrations taken from Original MSS.
  • 16. The first line is the original line, the second the corrected one.
  • 17. She was the granddaughter of the other Mary, the original Mary.
  • 18. But, in his work on Original Sin, Edwards contends otherwise.
  • 19. Let nobody talk to me of its original meaning, 'The Field of Blood'!
  • 20. Experimenter in original types of aeroplanes, 1909-11 ILLNER.
  • 21. Make sketch of Bell's original magneto telephone without permanent magnets.
  • 22. I., with 12 Exquisite Steel Plates and about 200 Original Wood Engravings.

How to use Original in a Sentence?

  • 1. Typographical errors in the original 1807 edition have been left uncorrected.
  • 2. There are numerous cases of inconsistencies in spelling and hyphenation in the original text.
  • 3. It was a relique of the original style of the castle, with pannelled wainscots and gothic windows.
  • 4. The original machine with slight changes was still flying at end of 1912 with only 5 h.p.
  • 5. In the original text, the entire Table of Contents was printed in italic typeface.
  • 6. When he had satisfied himself that the money was all there he replaced it in the wallet, which he put back into its original position.
  • 7. But he is not to be regarded as the original inventor of any of the great logical forms, with the exception of the syllogism.
  • 8. Several of their contributions contain the results of original research and thought, never before published.
  • 9. I managed to bring home a loaf, and we were amazed at the shrinkage to a quarter of its original size.
  • 10. The page number represents that of the original publication and applies in this etext except for footnotes since they have been moved.
  • 11. They seem also to be in part reflections of the past, and it is difficult to separate in them what is original and what is borrowed.
  • 12. I had been obliged to combine my original troupe with some of the former troupe of the theatre, who were favorites with the public.
  • 13. The most suitable quantity of water depends upon the original dryness and fineness of material and upon the quality of the paper lining.
  • 14. Ali, her original possessor, had promised a reward of two hundred ducats to whomsoever should discover the whereabouts of his favourite.
  • 15. The modifications which have been made in the original magneto telephone, practically as shown in Fig.
  • 16. Brahminism through centuries of isolation, has assimilated many extraneous heathen rites, and wild superstitions have overlaid the original creed.
  • 17. Her disappointment went deeper than this, for it had its source in the stories she had heard of Vetch that sounded original and dramatic.