Ornamental in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Ornamental

1. They might be ornamental or purely fictitious. 🔊

2. The ornamental in life symbolizes the real. 🔊

3. Spacious ornamental garden; broad, straight canal. 🔊

4. There is no question about their usefulness for ornamental trees. 🔊

5. Think out an ornamental scheme, and then try to realise the desired effect. 🔊

6. She shut the ornamental iron gate in mother's face. 🔊

7. Indeed, the whole country may be described as a vast ornamental garden. 🔊

8. The road surrounds a piece of ornamental ground, containing about one acre. 🔊

9. That ornamental individual, shorn of his ornamental character, is useless. 🔊

10. For ornamental planting, too, nut trees may often be chosen to advantage. 🔊

How to use Ornamental in Sentences?

1. The scroll is extended as an ornamental form, which it is not, nor ever can be. 🔊

2. As a floor is a flat surface, no ornamental covering placed on it should make it appear otherwise. 🔊

3. There are also parks, gardens, theatres, canals, and other ornamental places throughout the city. 🔊

4. They are perhaps easier to study than any other group of insects, and are more ornamental in the cabinet. 🔊

5. The more graceful and ornamental it was, the more clearly do we discern the hopelessness of restoring it to its former state. 🔊

6. These are the chief principles which we shall have to notice, as involved in the production of ornamental designs. 🔊

7. The blue-flowered side curtains of the white enameled bunks were draped back in ornamental stiffness. 🔊

8. It is formed by five receding arches, and every stone of each of these is carved with varying ornamental designs. 🔊

9. Two large tents were spread out by the borders of the ornamental water, in full view of the hall windows. 🔊

10. Besides, perhaps when the king found their toes were all right he would think the colour rather ornamental than otherwise. 🔊

11. In the quadrangle in the centre, which was paved with asphalt, was an ornamental fountain surrounded by evergreen plants in tubs. 🔊

12. There were also guards on all the fires, and an ornamental bar across each window to prevent little rash creatures from throwing themselves out. 🔊