Ornate in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Ornate

1. A tremendously ornate desk. 🔊

2. The armour of horses was as ornate as that of the riders. 🔊

3. It was a cheap photograph with an ornate border. 🔊

4. It is ornate and pretentious, and of little value. 🔊

5. Avoid long, elaborate, ornate phrases. 🔊

6. The ornate stemmed Boletus, B. ornatipes. 🔊

7. With which was terminated that most ornate and beautiful principal facade. 🔊

8. He had laughed at its tremendous proportions and ornate handle. 🔊

9. Jerry need not have wondered whether she remembered his ornate poem. 🔊

10. An ornate pagoda of stone covered the entrance to the underground palace. 🔊

11. We gave them most ornate salutations, but their reply was not in kind. 🔊

12. Croziers of ornate design especially roused the ire of the Puritans. 🔊

13. Upon the mantelpiece a very ornate French clock was ticking lightly. 🔊

How to use Ornate in Sentences?

1. He tries to disguise his poverty of thought in a masquerade of ornate language. 🔊

2. Ivory drinking horns were among the most beautiful and ornate examples of secular ivories. 🔊

3. From his pocket he brought a leather case and from the case a large and ornate gold locket. 🔊

4. The houses were large, the grounds ornate and ample, the society decorously convivial. 🔊

5. These might be the ornate initials or name of a dear girl friend, or a tiny tower or pagoda. 🔊

6. The stock of his rifle, an unusually fine piece, was carved in an ornate and beautiful way. 🔊

7. Its lean, slender appearance was capped by a crystal and gold ornate dome, with a spire. 🔊

8. He was, moreover, a man of imposing deportment, bland in manner and ornate in language. 🔊

9. Luxurious, excessively ornate and overpowering it is, and, for that reason, open to question. 🔊

10. The center of the red brick front, with its rather ornate entrance, was pushed back some ten feet. 🔊

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