Oscar in a sentence

Definition of Oscar

Astronotus ocellatus, a cichlid fish, native to South America, sometimes kept in aquariums.

Short Example Sentence for Oscar

  • 1. Even Oscar was failing him.
  • 2. He had promised Oscar that he would drive down for her.
  • 3. Drawings by Oscar Ogg.
  • 4. What has Oscar in common with Art?
  • 5. George had no idea of going with Oscar and Flora.
  • 6. Een leven van Oscar Wilde is nog niet geschreven.
  • 7. Make no mistake about Oscar S. Straus.
  • 8. I nominate the illustrious and honorable Oscar S. Straus.
  • 9. Strauss, Oscar S., Vol.
  • 10. The Judge's box was just above Oscar Waterman's.
  • 11. Brimfield, Rev. Oscar Bissell, 2.
  • 12. Recompiled, rev. & rewritten by Oscar LeRoy Warren.
  • 13. Why hadn't Oscar warned him that the fuel supply was out?
  • 14. His man Oscar was bustling in and out of the room on many errands.
  • 15. Diarmid was hunting alone, for he had parted from Oscar the day before.
  • 16. Otto Oscar Binder (A); 26Nov68; R449658.
  • 17. Otto Oscar Binder (A); 26Nov68; R449663.
  • 18. Otto Oscar Binder (A); 26Nov68; R449664.
  • 19. Otto Oscar Binder (A); 26Nov68; R449660.
  • 20. Otto Oscar Binder (A); 26Nov68; R449659.
  • 21. Otto Oscar Binder (A); 26Nov68; R449657.
  • 22. Otto Oscar Binder (A); 26Nov68; R449662.
  • 23. It had, he felt, been an inspiration to put it over on Oscar like that.
  • 24. I am sure that something is going to happen; Oscar says so, too.
  • 25. And she would not have to go back to Oscar and Flora until she was ready.
  • 26. To the second Oscar Bie attributes the crown of piano playing in our time.
  • 27. With 'Arry and Oscar you have avenged the Academy.
  • 28. By Oscar Lovell Triggs, Ph.D. Cloth, $1.00.
  • 29. Pretty lucky for Oscar Grubb that he did, and typical Hawks luck.
  • 30. She might have gone with Oscar and Flora when they left Hamilton Hill.
  • 31. In calling Judge Bannister a "native," Oscar showed a lack of proportion.
  • 32. The other day I chanced upon a pamphlet by one Oscar Lovell Triggs of Chicago.
  • 33. You've no idea what it costs to keep Oscar alone in white gloves!
  • 34. SEE Firkins, Oscar W. The revealing moment and other plays.

How to use Oscar in a Sentence?

  • 1. For the first time in his life Oscar faced a situation in which money did not count.
  • 2. I learned from her that Oscar Wilde inherited his aesthetic tastes largely from his mother.
  • 3. Maybe you can, but the end-result is that Wilbur Zilch slaughters Oscar Hossenpfeiffer.
  • 4. On the evening of the same day President Oscar Atwood delivered the Baccalaureate Address.
  • 5. The review was a special one, held in honour of the Swedish officers deputed by King Oscar II.
  • 6. And all of them fell by Diarmid and Oscar before night came, while they themselves had neither cut nor wound.