Oscar in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Oscar

1. He had promised Oscar that he would drive down for her. 🔊

2. Drawings by Oscar Ogg. 🔊

3. What has Oscar in common with Art? 🔊

4. George had no idea of going with Oscar and Flora. 🔊

5. Make no mistake about Oscar S. Straus. 🔊

6. The Judge's box was just above Oscar Waterman's. 🔊

7. Brimfield, Rev. Oscar Bissell, 2. 🔊

8. Why hadn't Oscar warned him that the fuel supply was out? 🔊

9. His man Oscar was bustling in and out of the room on many errands. 🔊

10. Diarmid was hunting alone, for he had parted from Oscar the day before. 🔊

11. I am sure that something is going to happen; Oscar says so, too. 🔊

How to use Oscar in Sentences?

1. For the first time in his life Oscar faced a situation in which money did not count. 🔊

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