Ostentatiously in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Ostentatiously

1. One of the number ostentatiously beat time with his pipe. 🔊

2. And Dick ostentatiously smacked his lips. 🔊

3. Upon this, Mary ostentatiously withdrew her hand. 🔊

4. He saw Irving and somewhat ostentatiously turned away. 🔊

5. He has stood away almost ostentatiously from the material he was exploiting. 🔊

6. We took revolvers, holding them ostentatiously in our pockets. 🔊

7. The prince, however, had turned almost ostentatiously away from her. 🔊

8. I was ostentatiously examining my letters and Hawes said nothing. 🔊

9. I used to be ostentatiously independent; now I am only independent enough. 🔊

10. Monkey Brand, his back ostentatiously toward them, was on watch at the door. 🔊

How to use Ostentatiously in Sentences?

1. Men openly sharpened their knives, and the afterguard ostentatiously showed their pistols. 🔊

2. She rose and almost ostentatiously went into the other cabin, to leave him alone. 🔊

3. She placed the third quarter upon a fresh plate and ostentatiously laid a fork beside it. 🔊

4. Don't cook sheep's kidneys ostentatiously in camp; you may be asked where you found the sheep. 🔊

5. Rhoda Hanlan the Masseuse was ostentatiously sewed with double thread and backstitched at that. 🔊

6. And those who once more shackled his wrists ostentatiously wiped their hands up and down the wrappings on their thighs afterwards. 🔊

7. Where are all these stalwart sons of the church who love their mothers so ostentatiously and reverence womanhood so deeply? 🔊

8. She thought she had not perhaps been sufficiently good, and she tried to be more ostentatiously satisfied with her lot. 🔊

9. He was very tired, and a pale waiter kept walking ostentatiously into the middle of the room and looking at them meaningly. 🔊

10. Dick fumbled with a fountain-pen which he placed elaborately behind his ear for an instant, and then as ostentatiously removed. 🔊

11. Then he walked slowly along, at times glancing at the river and ostentatiously avoiding the eyes of chance policemen. 🔊