Outdo in a sentence

Definition of Outdo

(transitive) To excel; go beyond in performance; surpass.

Short Example Sentence for Outdo

  • 1. This year the celebration was to outdo itself.
  • 2. Each tries to outdo the rest in servility.
  • 3. Each tries to outdo the other in complimentary speeches.
  • 4. They outdo arithmetic, nohow.
  • 5. The struggles of the two editors to outdo each other have been titanic.
  • 6. Sallustius seems likely to outdo everybody in his attentions.
  • 7. Only frugality enables them to outdo the rich on their own ground.
  • 8. The things of splendor she has made she will hardly outdo in their kind.
  • 9. A white boy with an engine can outdo a dozen of 'em.
  • 10. I tried to outdo my stint of yesterday, and by so doing have come to grief.
  • 11. These Hindu enthusiasts far outdo the wildest flights of their Moslem fellows.

How to use Outdo in a Sentence?

  • 1. Be particularly careful not to outdo another speaker in relating your own experiences.
  • 2. Each was eager to outdo his or her neighbor in variety of steps and power of endurance.
  • 3. One after another got up and danced singly, each attempting to outdo the other.
  • 4. Go among the young men in their games and see how anxious the one is to outdo the other.
  • 5. Nothing can outdo the brutality of a perfectly unaffected young girl under certain circumstances.
  • 6. Each has endeavoured to outdo his neighbour in shouting and cursing; nothing else.
  • 7. Go among the young men in their games, and see how anxious the one is to outdo the other.
  • 8. Each new-comer strives to outdo his predecessor in excesses, and horrible scenes ensue.
  • 9. You fight as if you meant to outdo me this way, as you have done in Generosity.
  • 10. He knew he would never suffer Felix Grundy to outdo him in the simple matter of a bow; but how?
  • 11. The three endeavored to outdo each other in the attentions which they showered upon the guests they had the good fortune to possess.
  • 12. Each family tries to outdo the others in its collection, and in the ancient appearance of the hoard.
  • 13. If we did, they would soon outdo the Labor Party in their claim for a Right to Work Bill.
  • 14. The buildings were apparently let out in floors and each lessee endeavored to outdo his neighbor in proclaiming his business to the passing public.
  • 15. Neighboring tribes act as hosts in rotation, each striving to outdo the other in the quality and quantity of entertainment offered.
  • 16. Did the dolt imagine he could, with his tricks of legerdemain, outdo me in the powers and mysteries of my art?
  • 17. Try to outvie and outdo and even affront that dove-like simplicity he used to adore in you, and into which you are still apt to relapse.
  • 18. Finding no way to outdo the two brothers in skill or strength, the young chief left the selection of husbands to his sisters.
  • 19. Here, the disciple of Rousseau sat and planned how he should outdo his enemies and hold on to his friends.
  • 20. This was read aloud, with coarse ribald comments on every sentence, each trying to outdo the previous speaker.
  • 21. And twenty powerful, energetic voices, each trying to outdo the other in making strange and extraordinary noises, were lifted in union.
  • 22. Year after year Mr. Beverley's powers were taxed to outdo his former outdoings.
  • 23. And they foresaw that Sir Galahad would come to great honour, and outdo them all in knightly courtesy.
  • 24. As a trader and government contractor he made enormous profits; such was his cohesive collusion with high officials that competitors found it impossible to outdo him.
  • 25. But it can outdo them all with its bleached and slime-stained ground in which nothing can grow, its roaring furnaces and its all-pervading smell of hot oil.
  • 26. The chiefs of the departments are usually more or less rivals and are often at loggerheads, each one trying to outdo the other in some particular direction and to bring himself into the notice of the directors.
  • 27. Hers was a nature which expanded in the limelight; crowded audiences inspired her to outdo herself instead of "fussing" her as they did Oh-Pshaw.
  • 28. Actors and actresses both, they laughed and joked and patted one another on the back, as they strove to outdo each other in narrating wonderful experiences on the road.
  • 29. Gymnastics grow harder unless in some way associated with competition, or with the effort to outdo oneself, while indulgence in sport becomes ever easier.