Outgoing in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Outgoing

1. But each outgoing ship took a crowd of the banished. 🔊

2. In a moment or so he threw his chest aboard an outgoing truck and departed. 🔊

3. The boats at anchor in front of the shanties swung with the outgoing tide. 🔊

4. The outgoing sentry would be tired then and the new man not thoroughly awake. 🔊

5. The incoming tide had no swift, unexpected current as the outgoing water had. 🔊

How to use Outgoing in Sentences?

1. Such entries may be complete copies of the content of incoming or outgoing orders or messages. 🔊

2. On a fair calculation, the outgoing number far exceeds the incoming proportion. 🔊

3. He suspected her; he was lurking to surprise visitors, to watch her outgoing and coming in. 🔊

4. The energies of the clerical staff are devoted entirely to the incoming and outgoing correspondence. 🔊

5. Threading their way through the outgoing stream of shoppers, the girls went directly to the jewelry counter. 🔊

6. This is because at least eight of the twelve hours from tide to tide are consumed by the outgoing tide, which flows very rapidly. 🔊

7. And so it came about that her personality changed in that; from an outgoing nature she came to be one who held back, shut herself in. 🔊

8. And the next morning he buttoned the camp letters in his coat, and started south for Castonia with the outgoing tote team. 🔊

9. By this time the river has amplified into a broad estuary which is lost in the incoming and outgoing tides of the Bay of Biscay. 🔊

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