Outgrowth in a sentence

Definition of Outgrowth

Anything that grows out of something else. | Excessive growth.

How to use Outgrowth in a Sentence?

  • These books are the outgrowth of years of experience in practical fields of work.
  • It is an outgrowth and culmination of instincts, a fusion of them into a new product.
  • This book is the outgrowth of many years of experience in the teaching of elementary chemistry.
  • There are a few purely local ceremonies, the outgrowth of practices of local shamans.
  • His modern means were the outgrowth of his understanding of colour in its capacity to incite emotion.
  • But this judgment was the outgrowth of public miscomprehension rather than of any authentic evidence in the man himself.
  • Otherwise we are without a standard, and all our opinions are but the outgrowth of the chaos of our moods.
  • The eighteenth-century conception of liberty was the outgrowth of the political conditions of that time.
  • Emigration and pioneering are thus a normal outgrowth of a progressive growing people in any stage of civilization.
  • It is the natural outgrowth of the teachings of a society, which is controlled by the hierarchy of competition.
  • The uncertainties of war are largely the outgrowth of the fact that the minds of men are pitted against one other.
  • The student should as soon as possible come to understand that every institution is the outgrowth of experiences.
  • Isn't all this horrible speeding-up of business largely an outgrowth of our exactions?
  • The expansion is probably the outgrowth of the use of animal figures in connection with simple handles.
  • This movement is the outgrowth of the best or advanced thought of the profession rebelling against unnatural methods.
  • Each fibre is formed by the outgrowth of a single epidermal cell of the testa or outer coat of the seed.
  • But it became clear that this view was only the outgrowth of the strong interest which physiology took in the sense processes.
  • His success seems to have been the outgrowth of hard study and ability to perform the most exhaustive labor without fatigue.
  • Only such reforms as are the natural outgrowth of an enlightened public feeling can be of benefit, and thus permanent in their result.
  • Lastly, he made as much as he could out of the fact that the whole occurrence had been an outgrowth of a friendly birthday celebration.
  • Promiscuous intercourse is undoubtedly the predisposing cause, which is always an outgrowth of a largely unequal division of the sexes.
  • He is more accurate when he refers to the doctrine as being as old as the Constitution itself and the outgrowth of the circumstances of the time.
  • This book is the outgrowth of problems given to high school pupils by the writers, and has been compiled in logical sequence.
  • A novel form of double transmission was invented by the writer soon after the completion of the harmonic system, and was an outgrowth of it.
  • I should hope further, as an outgrowth from the community of living, for a modest village library and reading-room.
  • The several kinds of literature, therefore, are the natural outgrowth of the manifold modes of divine revelation.
  • Thus the cadet system was the direct outgrowth of police persecution, graft, and attempted suppression of prostitution.
  • But the farmer plunged into the discussion again, not realizing that his grudge against Careyville was the outgrowth of his own shortcomings.
  • But a science of education is an outgrowth from the science of mind; and among sciences, the latter is one of the latest and most difficult.
  • Historians call attention to the fact that the monotheism of the Jews was largely the outgrowth of reflection upon their own history as a people.
  • The apparatus used as developed by the engineers of the Bell system was in a measure an outgrowth of their work with the long-distance telephone.
  • He was a direct outgrowth of Impressionism, but he was also an outgrowth of art's entire history.
  • Instead of having been a tremendous reaction against Brahmanism it is seen that Buddhism was the natural outgrowth of that system.
  • It is the outgrowth of a spirit of intense devotion to Jehovah, and it has helped in all ages to nurture the devotional spirit of its readers.
  • He takes pains to aim against it the full and spicy expression of his disfavor, considering it as a fatal outgrowth of French infidelity.

Short Example Sentence for Outgrowth

  • Then the result is a natural outgrowth of a cause.
  • Excrescence: an outgrowth or elevation; usually abnormal.
  • And this little coffee-room has been the outgrowth of just such hospitality.
  • Colorado was the outgrowth of the great financial crisis of 1857.
  • This was one direction of outgrowth from the work of Newton.

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