Outlandish in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Outlandish

1. A most outlandish dream. 🔊

2. Others pride themselves on their outlandish apparel. 🔊

3. He was noted for doing outlandish things. 🔊

4. Every night some fresh outlandish topic was introduced. 🔊

5. As some kind of outlandish practical joke, of course. 🔊

6. What brought the outlandish notion, heaven only knows. 🔊

7. You ought to marry her and take her away with you to your outlandish parts. 🔊

8. Why, what outlandish dialogue is that you're a talking? 🔊

9. A grotesque outlandish figure, an ink-blot on the velvet night! 🔊

10. At last, across the weary faem, Frae far, outlandish pairts I came. 🔊

How to use Outlandish in Sentences?

1. The outlandish noise seemed to act as a balm to his disappointment and to keep him company. 🔊

2. Imagine driving the machine along a precipice and visiting fire-pits with outlandish names. 🔊

3. There is nothing in Paris that looks so outlandish to my eye as the common vehicles. 🔊

4. He could make out little else, except a volley of outlandish oaths at their unsuccessful trip. 🔊

5. One of those born in Russia, and with the outlandish names of which the charwoman spoke. 🔊

6. Dora is tremendously jolly; she and Myfanwy think of the most outlandish things to do. 🔊

7. And that was the last time I appreciated the unique and peaceful charm of this outlandish spot. 🔊

8. For fear they did flee, for they took him to be Some strange, outlandish hedge-hog. 🔊

9. A single letter came from him, posted at some outlandish place in the North-West. 🔊

10. The more Gwynplaine protests, the more outlandish he becomes to the House of Lords. 🔊

11. A most outlandish war, but how disastrous in its effects on the trade and prosperity of the country! 🔊