Outlining in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Outlining

1. Lights flared on the lab roof, outlining it clearly. 🔊

2. Again he made his meaning clear by outlining a flight of steps. 🔊

3. He went on in this way, outlining the article he wanted me to write. 🔊

4. Slowly the moon rose above the level field beyond, outlining a form. 🔊

5. Page 41 The outlining and coloring of the figures is most interesting. 🔊

How to use Outlining in Sentences?

1. Green flame thrust out tiny rootlets that crawled over it, outlining it in garish light. 🔊

2. Then a faint light streamed out through the open door, a moment later outlining his figure. 🔊

3. Hazlitt followed the method of outlining the story by quotation with interspersed sarcasm and ironical criticism. 🔊

4. But experience has shown that this effect can also be averted by outlining the figure with a lighter tint of its own colour. 🔊

5. But this diffusion of the problem has led to so considerable a complication of it that it becomes necessary in outlining it to define two issues. 🔊

6. Having made up his mind to give battle, Boland addressed himself to the task of outlining his campaign. 🔊

7. Such are the splendid elements of the poem, outlining in a stanza the finest type, objects, and scenery of mediaeval heroism. 🔊

8. The discovery that there was no cover on the north side cheered him greatly and he called to Boggs, outlining a plan of action. 🔊

9. By the time he had looked everywhere without finding them, the painter had finished the lettering, and was outlining the figure of something on the window with rapid strokes. 🔊