Outrage in a sentence

Definition of Outrage

(transitive) To cause or commit an outrage upon; to treat with violence or abuse. | (archaic, transitive) To violate; to rape (a female). | (obsolete, transitive) To rage in excess of.

Short Example Sentence for Outrage

  • 1. This last outrage was the climax.
  • 2. It was a durned outrage that he should have fallen.
  • 3. You will not permit such an outrage against her youth.
  • 4. These would outrage the tender spirit.
  • 5. It was an outrage upon the natural kindliness of men.
  • 6. I talked so as to outrage his profoundest feelings....
  • 7. But Bill felt the outrage of such possibilities.
  • 8. Tulla, outrage at, 171, 216.
  • 9. Haggerty, Jeremiah, outrage on, 217.
  • 10. Charlestown, Land League outrage at, 253.
  • 11. Woe be to the military gentlemen who should outrage her sacred hearth.
  • 12. Not for his life would he outrage the guest who was beneath his roof.
  • 13. No wonder if the assured prospect of such outrage redoubled mine ire!
  • 14. It is the grossest outrage to ask this girl to face certain exposure.
  • 15. As an outrage on right, such an action is essentially and actually null.
  • 16. Up to my ear the morning brings The outrage of the poor.
  • 17. The outrage was on the Rathcole estate of Sir George Colthurst.
  • 18. Edenburn, home of Mr. Hussey at, 73, 80-81; outrage at, 235-247.

How to use Outrage in a Sentence?

  • 1. My indignation at the personal outrage of the impending mob incited me as them ...
  • 2. The city was soon to know of the fresh outrage at the hands of the bandits in the hills.
  • 3. My dread of never again seeing our chambers was nothing to her sense of the outrage to her house.
  • 4. King took the outrage against justice as a fresh starting-point for new attacks.
  • 5. It was an intolerable outrage that an ass should lecture a doctor, and balk him in his designs.
  • 6. The consequences of this ever-flowing stream of slander and incitement to outrage are now upon us.
  • 7. The last outrage I intend to mention in this chapter was a very remarkable one.
  • 8. Therefore, it would be an outrage to the minority to give Legislative sanction to that desire.
  • 9. I shudder now when I recall one such outrage to which I was an unwilling witness.
  • 10. This outrage provoked their anger to such a degree that it brought the fury of the whole swarm upon him.
  • 11. Who was he, that he should suspect new outrage or guess he was about to be used in a game he did not understand?
  • 12. The suggestion of the aerial support here entirely obviates any thought of the outrage on the laws of gravity.
  • 13. We are bound in honour to protect them from threats of murder and outrage which sooner or later bring about their own fulfilment.
  • 14. Later information seems to point to foul play, and there is no doubt whatever that an outrage has been committed.
  • 15. The incivility of mine adversaries was reproved; but my more heinous outrage was judged worthy of imprisonment.
  • 16. There never was an outrage committed without an empty whisky bottle being found close to the scene of the murder.
  • 17. I travel with this man to insult and to outrage him; to expose him in public places, and to confront him at all times.
  • 18. He said it was an outrage that one man, on account of the accident of great wealth, should become the sole possessor of it.
  • 19. Convoys are constantly attacked, and the muleteers murdered; indeed, scarce a day passes without an outrage of this kind.
  • 20. In short, you have committed an outrage on the artistic rights of medicine, and, mark my words, you will have to pay for it.
  • 21. That is a pretty tough outrage for optimistic philanthropists to consider when they are addicted to announcing how far our generations have progressed from barbarism.
  • 22. Here God abominates the mere external performance of acts of worship as an outrage and a crime that is perpetrated against His holy name.