Outwards in a sentence

Definition of Outwards

From the interior toward the exterior; in an outward direction. | (obsolete) Outwardly; (merely) on the surface.

Short Example Sentence for Outwards

  • 1. It opened outwards into the ventilating shaft.
  • 2. Ambrose Cuthbert turned his head outwards to hide a smile.
  • 3. He came to a stand by the rail, gazing outwards into the restless darkness.
  • 4. He put on his red nightcap, wrong side outwards for good luck.

How to use Outwards in a Sentence?

  • 1. I believe it projects more abruptly outwards than is represented in the figure.
  • 2. The eyepiece is then moved inwards and outwards so as to throw the point out of focus.
  • 3. From this point it slopes in every direction downwards and outwards until near the circumference.
  • 4. Scarcely, in doing so, did I look for the totter and collapse outwards of the rigid form.
  • 5. Yes, and it opens outwards like a tent, Guarding the sacred poll from skies injurious.
  • 6. There is no force tending to thrust the walls outwards nor to affect the immobility of the supports.
  • 7. He corrects definitely the order of the planets outwards from the sun, a matter which had been in dispute.
  • 8. It is a streaming outwards of the inmost treasures of the spirit, a consecration of its best activities to the welfare of others.
  • 9. When this is done the wood is almost invariably curved so that the back legs and the chair-back both incline outwards from the seat.
  • 10. And yet the masters of vessels assured him that the number of letters they conveyed outwards was quite equal to the number brought inwards.
  • 11. This vortex spread itself outwards in the mass of matter, like rings caused by the fall of a stone in water.
  • 12. If we look outwards we are aware of the former, if we turn our gaze inwards upon our own minds we become aware of the latter.
  • 13. They become brighter and brighter as they get deeper within the solar glare, and dimmer and paler as they float outwards from the same.
  • 14. The door of this he opened, and pushing the back outwards through a line of coats hanging there, a dark opening was revealed.
  • 15. The imagination is subjective, personal, anthropocentric; its movement is from within outwards toward an objectification.
  • 16. He twisted his long hands together, bending the palms outwards till his thin, pointed fingers cracked.
  • 17. But instead of looking towards the cathedral, as all the city should, they look outwards at a pagan entrenchment, as the city should not.
  • 18. The shield had swung outwards on a hinge, door-fashion; and where it had been, gaped a small open safe lined with cement.
  • 19. The white bursts contain shrapnel, which is cast outwards and upwards; the black ones contain high explosive, which spreads all around.
  • 20. The heavy door swung outwards and disclosed a baize-covered inner door, which Thorndyke pushed open and held for me to pass in.
  • 21. At length, with Leighton again in command, and a word imperfectly heard, the square walked outwards in four directions.
  • 22. Yet it was, I swear, as if something from within had relaxed its grasp and given the fearful dead man a swingeing push outwards as the door opened.
  • 23. The banks from the river edge to their tops and some distance outwards were covered with dense thorn and other bushes, which formed a screen impenetrable to the sight.
  • 24. If the electricity with which any conducting body is charged be suddenly disturbed, electrical waves are generated which travel outwards in all directions with the velocity of light.
  • 25. We will start outwards from the Sun, and glance on our way at the worlds involved in the Solar System.
  • 26. The burrow is sunken perpendicularly, with short passages leading to the cells, which are slightly inclined downwards and outwards from the main gallery.
  • 27. At 21 Outwards and 27 Inwards Camp we rested the horses, some of which were very sore-footed and tired.
  • 28. This is the sense in which it denotes a thought able to exercise itself in all directions open to thought, outwards and downwards to matter and negation, and inwards and upwards to spirit and reality.
  • 29. Tycho Brahe believed that comets moved in circular orbits, and Kepler imagined that they travelled in straight lines outwards from the Sun.
  • 30. He observed that the fashion of turning, them outwards was contrary to the intent of nature, as might be seen from the structure of the bones, and from the weakness that proceeded from that manner of standing.
  • 31. The villages are always perched upon eminences, and the houses are crowded together and surrounded by a thick fence of boughs, with the ends outwards like a military abattis.
  • 32. After a pleasant half-hour with these quarrelsome gentlemen, we went round to the ladies who occupy a wing of the prison, with all windows and doors facing outwards on to the open ground.