Oval in a sentence

Definition of Oval

Having the shape of an oval. | Of or pertaining to an ovum. | A shape rather like an egg or an ellipse.

Short Example Sentence for Oval

  • 1. The large oval room is empty.
  • 2. I laid the beaver upon the oval table.
  • 3. The site of the spring is indicated by an oval scar.
  • 4. The outer edge of this he lapped over his oval frame.
  • 5. There was a wide, wind-swept oval for an athletic field.
  • 6. An obovate nut, oval to angled in cross section (Fig. 6d).
  • 7. An elliptical form, nearly oval in cross section (Fig. 6b).
  • 8. He then sat himself down rather heavily at the head of the oval dinner-table.
  • 9. Ferguson's motor swung round the oval and came to a halt.
  • 10. A small oval mirror, fixed against the wall before him, had shown her image.
  • 11. The delicate nose, the oval face, every feature is so femininely regular.
  • 12. The main longitudinals are of round section; cross members, oval section.
  • 13. A fat globose nut, broadly oval to orbicular in cross section (Fig.

How to use Oval in a Sentence?

  • 1. They entered the house, lingering in the oval sitting-room through which they had to pass.
  • 2. The cell body is seen to contain a varying number of round to oval bodies or granules.
  • 3. She drooped her head, and the flush on her oval cheeks was like the flush on a wild rose.
  • 4. It was lying in an oval saloon, which had been built, they told me, for the carpet itself.
  • 5. At the end of this oval saloon, raised a few feet above the floor, stands a purple ottoman.
  • 6. The female lays her elongated, oval eggs in a boat-shaped mass, which floats on the water.
  • 7. And on the mats within he saw revealed The pure young oval of her perfect face.
  • 8. Gyuri shook his head, a handsome, manly head, with an oval face, and large black eyes.
  • 9. It is set in an oval passe-partout, and requires only a glass over it to fit it for placing on a wall.
  • 10. The darker colors were generally associated with the elliptical, oval or obovate nut forms.
  • 11. He decided that to lean over the rails and try to peer through the oval glass window in the rear would also be unwise.
  • 12. The very day it is hatched, it sheds its skin and changes to an oval puparium of a dark brown color.
  • 13. When its ends were bound to the other poles to keep it firm and in place, he found himself possessed of an oval wooden frame.
  • 14. The latter is a little oval panel, in which a woman in a red skirt and black jacket is giving some porridge to her child.
  • 15. The mandarin studied him dubiously, and clapped his hands, the great diamond cutting an oval of many colors.
  • 16. In the second larval stage, which is oval in form, and not segmented, the primitive band is formed.
  • 17. This is of the usual long, oval form of the larvae of the ichneumons, and the body has thirteen segments exclusive of the head.
  • 18. Considered in a larger way, the pyramid is itself the upper part of a long oval which keeps the central group apart from the surrounding host.
  • 19. Here, however, the oval is of a more elongated form, and the left side is broken midway by the introduction of the book.
  • 20. She had ordered tea in the little oval sitting-room they used when quite alone, and told the maid to say she was not receiving if anybody called.
  • 21. The cell is oval cylindrical, a little contracted as usual with those of all the species of the genus, thus forming an urn-shaped cell.
  • 22. It was reassuring, therefore, to have her welcome him with gentle cordiality into the little oval sitting-room, where he found her at her desk.
  • 23. It was inserted in a deep oval recess, lined with crimson velvet, and this was fixed in a massive oak frame, glazed.
  • 24. After an interval, the distinction, the irregular charm, of the small face with its long tapering nose and its bright oval eyes were very notable.
  • 25. A new and stronger machine was constructed, this time oval in shape instead of round, 74 feet high and 48 feet in diameter.
  • 26. The statues are arranged in five horizontal lines from north to south, exclusive of the figure in the "vesica," the oval above.
  • 27. The upper shell, or main body, of an oval contour, projected beyond the basement, and was surmounted by an observatory and conning tower.