Ovarian in a sentence

Definition of Ovarian

(medicine) Relating to the ovaries.

Short Example Sentence for Ovarian

  • 1. Branching ovarian tubes within the peduncle.
  • 2. Egg-tube: see ovarian tube.
  • 3. Ovariole: an ovarian tube: q.v.
  • 4. Also present are numerous ovarian eggs having diameters up to about 3.5 mm.
  • 5. My trouble was enlargement of the womb, also had ovarian trouble.
  • 6. An adult female having minute ovarian eggs has a snout-vent length of 81 mm.
  • 7. Muller's thread: the common terminal thread of all the ovarian tubes.

How to use Ovarian in a Sentence?

  • 1. Germanium: an ovary: that portion of an ovarian tube containing the cell elements.
  • 2. The number of eggs includes those in both oviducts, and the number of ovarian follicles those in both ovaries.
  • 3. By dissection the multiple external coats of the gland and ovarian tubes could be seen to be continuous.
  • 4. Thread-plate: an epithelial plate of the embryo from which the terminal threads of the ovarian tubes originate.
  • 5. The ova and the contents of the ovarian tubes are of a beautiful azure blue, becoming yellow in spirits.
  • 6. Females are regarded as sexually mature when they have oviducal eggs or corpora lutea or ovarian follicles exceeding 15 millimeters in diameter.
  • 7. Nutritive chamber: an enlarged section of ovarian tube, filled with granular nutritive material used in developing the egg cells.
  • 8. The ovarian tubes fill up the peduncle to its base, but do not surround the sack; they are of small diameter, and simply branched.
  • 9. Oviduct: the tube through which the egg passes from ovarian tubes into vagina: sometimes used in the sense of ovipositor: q.v.
  • 10. The ovarian tubes not only fill the peduncle, but extend in a thin sheet between the two folds of corium all round the sack, close up to the terga.
  • 11. Syncitium: masses of protoplasm with nuclei, found in ovarian tubes; giving rise to ova, nutritive cells or both.
  • 12. The doctor said that I would not get well unless I underwent an operation for ovarian and female difficulties.
  • 13. B Baccate -us: berry-like: applied to bladder-like ovaries from the surface of which the short ovarian tubes arise.
  • 14. TU 14453.2 (18.3 cm.) is sexually mature having large corpora lutea and enlarged ovarian follicles.