Ovation in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Ovation

1. Here a magnificent ovation awaited him. 🔊

2. You heard of the great ovation that my guardian had. 🔊

3. Such an ovation as Fidele receives! 🔊

4. What an ovation the men gave Peter that day! 🔊

5. Louisiana welcomed him with an ovation of the most fervent enthusiasm. 🔊

6. A flattering ovation arose among the crowd when they discovered the picture. 🔊

7. That night, in the crowded dining hall, the ovation for me was tremendous. 🔊

8. No such personal ovation had been seen in the House for years. 🔊

How to use Ovation in Sentences?

1. As the big ship of war turned and made off, a second ovation was given her by the passengers. 🔊

2. The ovation burst out clamorously when Gallardo, extending his arms, saluted the president. 🔊

3. Chester was loud in his praises, and indeed, the orchestra received an ovation which quite overwhelmed it. 🔊

4. Altogether, the scene was so exciting as to be equalled only by the rapturous ovation which was tendered Mdlle. 🔊

5. Crowds flocked to the town, prepared to give their prince an ovation on his acquittal; but the law was very stern and uncompromising. 🔊

6. The venerable man received a tremendous ovation on this occasion, but the cold of the day proved too great a strain upon him. 🔊

7. When we all reached the never-to-be-forgotten house with the cab, we received another ovation at the door from those who had remained at home. 🔊

8. That evening Florine had an ovation at the theatre; the story of her sacrifice had circulated among the audience. 🔊

9. That for all this the State gave him this wonderful ovation shows how deep and strong is the southern sentiment that glorifies the lost cause. 🔊

10. M. de Montcalm and the others received me with warm welcome, and made a small ovation over my appearance. 🔊

11. It was an ovation as enthusiastic as Schmitz had never aspired to in his boldest moments, and his natural vanity felt intensely gratified. 🔊

12. I am not a vain man; so that I shall not here reprint the panegyric passed upon myself, or the ovation which my friend foresaw. 🔊