Overdo in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Overdo

1. You cannot overdo it. 🔊

2. I always overdo everything. 🔊

3. Girls frequently overdo rope-skipping. 🔊

4. Those who attempt to act in disguise are apt to overdo it. 🔊

5. Racey possessed too much native finesse to overdo it. 🔊

6. If you overdo it, you rouse suspicion at once. 🔊

7. But don't overdo it, that's all. 🔊

8. A man may be good, but he must not overdo it. 🔊

9. Of course, now that we are free to shout, we overdo it. 🔊

10. But don't overdo it. 🔊

11. Don't overdo the snoring. 🔊

12. But you've got to be on the watch not to overdo it. 🔊

13. The student must be cautioned not to overdo this early morning exercise. 🔊

14. But I think we mustn't overdo it at the start. 🔊

15. He means well; but now and then it's healthy to overdo matters a little. 🔊

How to use Overdo in Sentences?

1. It is all well enough to please your relatives, although I think you often overdo that. 🔊

2. If all were as careful to do the same and not overdo the matter, perfect health would be the rule and not the exception. 🔊

3. He dared not overdo the business, and presently righted the chute by the simple expedient of releasing the shrouds. 🔊

4. There is visible throughout the poem, however, a lack of restraint that causes him to overdo his part. 🔊