Overdone in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Overdone

1. Rather overdone the thing. 🔊

2. Moore laughed with an overdone enjoyment. 🔊

3. Pete realized that he had overdone the matter slightly. 🔊

4. She supposed she had overdone it, and was a little tired. 🔊

5. Perhaps I had overdone the lunacy business. 🔊

6. That's all right, but you've overdone the thing this time. 🔊

7. However, I agree the headman may have overdone it somewhat. 🔊

8. At nineteen-stone-nine I realized that I had overdone it. 🔊

9. But I thought Master Conrad had overdone it this time. 🔊

10. It is clear you have overdone it and need a period of recuperation. 🔊

11. You've overdone it, both of you. 🔊

12. She's overdone a little at school. 🔊

13. Of course, the paternalism can be overdone and unwisely done. 🔊

14. Now Jenkins' attentions seemed overdone to the provincial. 🔊

15. Mackay pursed his lips up, and, with overdone gravity, shook his head. 🔊

16. He found something more than overdone home town pride in Rockvale, however. 🔊

17. I am a little overdone with anxiety--a trifle unnerved. 🔊

How to use Overdone in Sentences?

1. The literary side is as much overdone as the scientific side is neglected. 🔊

2. She herself is very much overdone and overworked, and her nerves overstrained. 🔊

3. She had, unconsciously and in thinking of Peter, rather overdone the note of rebuke of his visit. 🔊

4. It may be that James, the head boxer, has overdone the pink geraniums this year, but there it is. 🔊

5. Countless myriads of times he had contrasted it with his own spacious emporium, but now he saw that in justice he had overdone it. 🔊

6. But it did seem as if nature had overdone the matter of providing him with the machinery for creating energy and had overlooked the safety valve. 🔊

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