Overhead in a sentence

Definition of Overhead

located above, especially over the head | (soccer) kicked over one's own head | (countable) An overhead projector.

How to use Overhead in a Sentence?

  • For half an hour or so there was a sound overhead of voices and of chairs moving.
  • Shells began to find their mark, some exploding overhead and bursting in all directions.
  • The overhead lights in the compressor lock were reflected in the twin rows of breathing globes.
  • Miniature airplanes hung overhead at intervals down the length of the room would add realism.
  • There followed a slight pause; then from overhead the church-bell boomed out once.
  • One after another the rockets ascended, bursting high overhead and slowly falling.
  • From the rock high overhead hung an arbutus loaded with its gorgeous freight of scarlet berries.
  • The shadowiness of the clouds overhead made the effect of the sunlight strange, where it fell.
  • Great trees arched intertwining branches overhead and cast an even deeper gloom on their path.
  • Soon after, the men heard a strange grating sound overhead that got louder and louder.
  • A great crash of thunder burst overhead and lightning darted through the black, swirling skies.
  • It was pretty cold and jolly wet too, as she leaks a bit overhead besides the usual sweating.
  • Suddenly the window of the room overhead was opened, and a loud halloo uttered by the mysterious stranger.
  • Down below was impenetrable blackness, shading softly overhead into blue-gray which was mottled by lighter areas from breaks in the floes above.
  • They waited eagerly and they could see that the day was slowly losing time, the sun already disappearing overhead from their view.
  • Sailing upon this glorious river, how beautiful overhead the gleam, against the azure, of the sea-gulls!
  • The fine points of rain had gradually increased to a smart downfall, that drummed on the veranda overhead and gurgled past his feet in the gutter.
  • He may have been in a tree overhead all the time, and, directly the canoes were hauled up, he may have damaged them and made off.
  • So, just when he had knocked in the bung, and was putting the tap into the cask, he heard overhead the pig come into the kitchen.
  • Acres of wild verbenas spread their royal purple underfoot, and the china-berry trees hung answering pennons overhead of the same kingly color.
  • Here, behind the walls, all was sweet and peaceful afternoon, and high overhead hung a pale daylight moon.
  • It was as well perhaps that overhead Haidee suddenly decided that helping to get lunch would be more amusing than making beds.
  • Boys climbed like monkeys to the overhead beams to get a glimpse of me as I fed, and incidentally shook dust into my food.
  • Twelve had chimed from the great clock of the turret overhead as he lay down, and he heard one, two, three, and four follow in their turn.
  • The sky around the Mons flashed with lightning that was absent of thunder, and overhead they saw a great comet slowly pass into the horizon.

Short Example Sentence for Overhead

  • They pass overhead as a rule.
  • The footsteps overhead were still.
  • They may come overhead and do some damage.
  • Vessel passed overhead (turbine engine).
  • Aeroplanes are circling overhead and heavy artillery are firing.
  • Scarcely had he uttered the words when a sound from overhead caught his ear.
  • The noise in the room overhead had been getting louder and louder.
  • Raising it overhead he brought the edge sharply down on the bamboo stake.
  • From the shadows almost directly overhead there came a faint clanking.
  • The light shells sweep close overhead as they go by our trench.
  • I saw the stars overhead and the moonlight bright upon the mountains.
  • Only a very faint puff of smoke overhead told where the marksman had stood.
  • High overhead a triangle of wild geese harrowed the blue sky.
  • We went down a spiral ramp, lighted by widely-scattered overhead lights.
  • I must have you overhead to knock through when the street's clear.

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