Overseer in a sentence

Definition of Overseer

One who oversees or supervises. | (obsolete) A critic.

Short Example Sentence for Overseer

  • 1. We had no overseer or driver.
  • 2. The overseer they shot.
  • 3. He was an overseer of a big plantation before the war.
  • 4. In 1813, we find him overseer with one George Olney.
  • 5. Boss and the overseer came out to overlook the work and hurry it on.
  • 6. She elevated him from a menial position, to overseer of her ranch.
  • 7. The overseer was a man hired to look after the farm and whip the slaves.
  • 8. The frenzied overseer leapt shrieking to his feet and lurched into the water.
  • 9. By the way, it's rather queer about that overseer of yours.
  • 10. In Germany the presence of a technical overseer is indispensable.
  • 11. As if on purpose, I told the overseer to give him the best coach and three.
  • 12. We had no overseer but Marse Hock was the only boy and the oldest child.
  • 13. The overseer dropped in his tracks and Bill helped Osceola to his feet.
  • 14. Ole Gundover's overseer war my marster, an' he used ter lib in dis bery house.

How to use Overseer in a Sentence?

  • 1. When the planter wanted more cotton picked than usual, the overseer would arrange a race.
  • 2. He then sent the overseer on horseback to the place where we were to meet to see if I was there.
  • 3. Boss, upon hearing the news, got up and sent me to tell the overseer to come at once.
  • 4. Mistress White would have had the old overseer take her seat, but this he would not do.
  • 5. There were plenty of hands at Mintaro, and his new overseer would look to things.
  • 6. The next morning, he started, and Gibson, his overseer and myself accompanied him.
  • 7. Taine has been my overseer for a good many years, as you know, and I have found him a good man.
  • 8. There was a day-book kept in the shop, in which the overseer usually charged the smithwork we did for the neighbours.
  • 9. Never in his life had Marcy seen a man so astonished and frightened as the overseer was at that moment.
  • 10. The overseer was always one of the ring, vigorously using the whip, and seeing that all the slaves did the same.
  • 11. He was still cogitating the matter, when the head overseer raised a police whistle to his lips and blew a sharp blast.
  • 12. The overseer carries a knout, and unmercifully beats anyone who falls to the ground overcome by hard toil or hunger.
  • 13. Then the overseer stood over me with the lash and laid it on according to the Deacon's order.
  • 14. Upon such occasions, the poor overseer had to keep his place in the boiling-house, to see that the slaves attended to their duty.
  • 15. An incessant worker, overseer of his operas on twenty stages, he had to pay the tax by which his fame became his ruin.
  • 16. It was arranged in two apartments, one for the overseer and wife, and the other for the master and mistress upon the occasion of their visits.
  • 17. But the Deacon would keep no overseer on his plantation, who neglected to perform this every morning.
  • 18. Instead, when his part of the line moved up to where the head overseer was issuing directions, the man pointed to a stack of iron wheelbarrows.
  • 19. To make matters even worse, the overseer in charge of the shovelers used his lash without mercy at the first sign of flagging.
  • 20. The very origin of the title of a Bishop is that of an astronomical seer, a looker-out or overseer of the subordinate offices of science.
  • 21. This entry could not have been entirely made on Feb. 23rd, unless the worthy overseer had the gift of prophecy.
  • 22. A man may, by dint of application to a particular subject, become a successful merchant or real-estate man or chemist or overseer of the poor.
  • 23. There is an anecdote told of a West Indian overseer which proves him to have been rather clever in the art of dissimulation.
  • 24. When Mary Greenwater recovered she sought him, and in her gratitude made him the overseer of her ranch at a princely salary.
  • 25. Aunt Polly, our forewoman, was afraid to allow them to run to get warm, for fear the overseer would see them.
  • 26. When Luquin Trinquetaille arrived on deck, the overseer ordered him to attend the commander, who was expected there.