Overshadow In A Sentence

Definition of Overshadow

(transitive) To obscure something by casting a shadow. | (transitive) To dominate something and make it seem insignificant. | (transitive) To shelter or protect.

How To Use Overshadow In A Sentence?

  • Sometimes they suddenly overshadow the traveller, who only escapes from them by rapid riding.
  • Neither could subdue or overshadow the other; neither could keep the other long in abeyance.
  • These both overshadow Marlette Lake, a full description of which is given elsewhere.
  • The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Most High shall overshadow thee.
  • The structure which threatened even to overshadow the land in its ascending greatness has not risen to a disproportionate size.
  • The weeds of his evil nature had been unchecked when little, and now they were growing so rank as to overshadow all.
  • The answer to it is practical and simple: it is that his merits are great enough to outweigh and overshadow them all.
  • This feature of instruction, so important now as to overshadow all else, was at that time left to masters of a lower rank.
  • But on the whole he liked his form work: he knew why he was there, and Herbert did not overshadow him so completely.
  • The climax of this tendency for the occupational to replace and overshadow all other forms of self-conscious grouping is present-day Syndicalism.
  • His passions or his doubt overshadow the girl's sky, and I'm going to find out whether his designs are those of friend or fiend.
  • This great ash tree had its roots in Utgard, and the tops of its branches reached up so high as to overshadow Asgard.
  • In a way of which the soul beforehand can have but little conception, God will overshadow and make His abode in the obedient heart.
  • Spreading palms overshadow the public squares and walks, and the banks of the brown Guadalquivir are densely clothed with an Oriental verdure.
  • Midway adown the High Street rises a mighty elm, whose spreading branches quite overshadow the adjacent dwellings.
  • The moment they entered the building, the greatness and beauty of the place seemed to overshadow her, and roused up all the higher part of her nature.
  • They include the muscular sensations accompanying the exertion of the breathing muscles, and these are usually so intense as to overshadow the sensations due to the laryngeal adjustments.
  • This was no sooner done than the inevitable shade-tree was planted to overshadow the dwelling, and beneath this tree they bring the cow each evening to be milked.
  • To be sure, there was no shirking of responsibility at the office, but the business of the company was never allowed to overshadow the cause in which he had silently but heartily enlisted.
  • While its powerful simplicity and tragic impressiveness overshadow his shorter poems, many of his terse lyrics reveal the same vigor and impact of a strong personality.
  • Before he had time to speak, he saw the martial figure of Evan overshadow hers and heard the strong, manly voice asking for Edward.
  • The one elevated the human element of religion at the expense of the divine; the other permitted the majesty of the divine to overshadow the human, and cause it to disappear.
  • She had reached a stage of hunger when no risks can overshadow the risk of starvation, and she had the guinea-fowl by the throat, and was sucking its blood before the other had time to realize what she was at.
  • No man has been found tall enough to overshadow him; no man has been able to attract from him, or to intercept from him, the constant regard of the nation.
  • Thus quietly and comfortably did this excellent family vegetate under the shade of a mighty button-wood tree, which by little and little grew so great as entirely to overshadow their palace.
  • Intellectual enthusiasm is rare in American colleges, and is likely to be rarer still if social and athletic affairs continue to overshadow all other interests.
  • It needs small experience with rubber-tree plantations to be convinced of the necessity for dealing with other growths, which would otherwise soon surround and overshadow young rubber trees.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Overshadow | Overshadow Sentence

  • Their dresses and their hats overshadow their faces.
  • Sometimes, indeed, she seems to overshadow and hide him from our vision.

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