Owns in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Owns

1. He owns a big company. 🔊

2. He owns a sixth of the world. 🔊

3. She owns me, but then she treats me well. 🔊

4. If a man own land, the land owns him. 🔊

5. You are a slave, a being in whom another owns property. 🔊

6. Maybe Coronado owns it. 🔊

7. You know old Wickersham owns it. 🔊

8. The fish owns Thee its king. 🔊

9. Ireland, too, owns an empire on which the sun never sets. 🔊

10. You know who owns a Triplecold Freezer? 🔊

11. Neither the Mauritshuis nor the Rijks owns an example. 🔊

12. You know who owns an Ajax Freezer? 🔊

13. The Rijks owns one example, Dead Birds. 🔊

14. If a woman owns a blanket she uses it as a covering when the nights are cold. 🔊

15. Particularly, as he owns himself Your servant. THAIS. 🔊

16. The Metropolitan Museum owns the complete wall paintings for a Pompeian room. 🔊

How to use Owns in Sentences?

1. The commissariat owns it not, the quartermaster and adjutant-general know nothing whatever of it. 🔊

2. Four of the richest men of Bontoc own fifty carabaos each, and one of them owns thirty hogs. 🔊

3. The working-day is fixed by the State, which owns the land, the factories, the roads, etc. 🔊

4. I hate the man that staid is; I think earth owns no treasure So charming as the ladies! 🔊

5. The Duke of Devonshire, besides his other estates, owns 96,000 acres in the county of Derby. 🔊

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