Oxide in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Oxide

1. Reduction of an oxide with carbon. 🔊

2. Reduction of an oxide with aluminium. 🔊

3. It also occurs as oxide and sulphide. 🔊

4. The arsenious oxide is condensed in appropriate chambers. 🔊

5. Many carbonates and hydroxides decompose directly into the oxide on heating. 🔊

6. In this experiment the copper oxide is said to undergo reduction. 🔊

7. The oxide of nitrogen so formed is called nitrous oxide or laughing gas. 🔊

8. The oxygen in the air combines with the copper to form copper oxide (CuO). 🔊

9. The decomposition of mercuric oxide is an example: HgO = Hg + O. 🔊

How to use Oxide in Sentences?

1. Evidently the oxygen in nitrous oxide cannot be held in very firm combination by the nitrogen. 🔊

2. Arsenious oxide is also used as a chemical reagent in glass making and in the dye industry. 🔊

3. Chemically, nitrous oxide is remarkable for the fact that it is a very energetic oxidizing agent. 🔊

4. Most of the carbonates are decomposed by heat, yielding an oxide of the metal and carbon dioxide. 🔊

5. The relative weight of the mercuric oxide molecule must therefore be the sum of these, or 216. 🔊

6. For example, when iron burns the oxide of iron formed weighs more than the original iron. 🔊

7. Zinc oxide occurs in impure form in nature, being colored red by manganese and iron compounds. 🔊

8. Water, for example, is an oxide of hydrogen, and lime an oxide of the metal calcium. 🔊

9. Red oxide of mercury, from whatever source it is obtained, contains 92.6% mercury and 7.4% oxygen. 🔊

10. This same ratio must therefore hold between the weight of any given quantity of mercuric oxide and that of the oxygen which it contains. 🔊

11. Zinc oxide is a pure white powder which becomes yellow on heating and regains its white color when cold. 🔊

12. The phosphorus combines with the oxygen to form an oxide of phosphorus, known as phosphorus pentoxide. 🔊

13. Thus oxide of sulphur is the product of the combustion of sulphur; oxide of iron is the product of the combustion of iron. 🔊

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