Pace In A Sentence

Definition of Pace

(cricket) Describing a bowler who bowls fast balls. | (formal) With all due respect to. | Walk to and fro in a small space.

How To Use Pace In A Sentence?

  • Even while the frightened spectators watched as though under a spell, the pace grew swifter.
  • He quickened his pace into a trot, checked painfully whenever he stepped on the trailing bridle.
  • Art also keeps pace with luxury, and shows abundant life and promise for the future.
  • Soon he shifted to low gear, and crawled forward at a pace little faster than a brisk walk.
  • He was flying when he reached Newark, where he again had to let up in his pace for a few minutes.
  • After the roads of Turkey it was a great pleasure to drive at a quick pace over a good one.
  • Margaret kept pace with Ted, every now and then uttering lamentations over her favourite.
  • Yet even in this respect German aggrandizement kept pace with her fabulous economic development.
  • From behind came the cries of the hunters, but the pace Mauriri led them was heartbreaking.
  • He had welcomed the visitors, because of the goodwill that they had shown and the pace that they had made.
  • Men were hurrying at a quicker pace than the rapid gait which was always noticeable in that thoroughfare.
  • Their enthusiasm now accelerated their pace to a double-quick, and was carrying them too far to the front.
  • Williams signaled the engine room and the pace of the submarine slowed down until the vessel was barely moving through the water.
  • But luck was with him and gave him an unexpected pace maker, just as he drew into the open spaces beyond the city limits.
  • Cross-country flights were growing longer and longer, keeping pace with the rapid strides in the development of the airplane.
  • It had grown with his success, and had kept pace with it in an almost steady ratio since he had set success before him as a goal.
  • With an effort that forced a groan from him he dragged himself a pace forwards and plucked Gray by the sleeve.
  • It was a sort of progress that had bolted; it was change out of hand, and going at an unprecedented pace nowhere in particular.
  • We both remarked on the precipitancy of the party; for as our own pace was considerable, the two vehicles passed like lightning.
  • As soon as these contrivances were in working order, which was not long, the crossing proceeded at a pace which exceeded our expectations.
  • We turned to the right, circling at a stately pace about the rather mean obelisk which stands at the entrance to the Prado.
  • The last seen of him was an active, erect man walking at a good pace by the side of his mule, at least forty years thrown off.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Pace | Pace Sentence

  • He started to pace up and down the room.
  • He stepped off a pace to look at it.
  • Once more he began to pace the floor restlessly.
  • I could scarce keep pace with him.
  • She moved a pace or two aimlessly, restively.
  • A good horse and a good pace make an immense difference.
  • Tom Osby stepped a swift pace into the room.
  • I took a pace forward, and stood in the presence of Odile.
  • King on the other band stepped back a pace so as to watch both faces.
  • Courtlandt quickened his pace which soon brought him alongside the others.
  • He must have stepped back a pace to hurl himself bodily against the panels.
  • The fast riding of the early week had given way to the pace of caution.
  • So linked, the two moved off at a pace suitable to experimental footsteps.
  • And Overland set a brisk pace up the mountain, talking as he climbed.
  • His mind made up, Harry rode on at as swift a pace as his horse could stand.
  • The Badger trotted forward a pace or two; then grunted, 'H'm!
  • They went at a snail's pace at first, but quickly gathered momentum.
  • THEAETETUS: I must, if I am to keep pace with the argument.

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