Palpable in a sentence

Definition of Palpable

Capable of being touched, felt or handled; touchable, tangible. | Obvious or easily perceived; noticeable. | (medicine) That can be detected by palpation.

How to use Palpable in a Sentence?

  • The most palpable absurdity at the moment was that there was nothing in the hut to beat him with.
  • This is palpable evidence that at any rate we are going to feel our way forward.
  • All their faces are distinct in the lamplight, all their bodies ate palpable and dramatic.
  • It will come drifting back on the current of memory, fresh and palpable as ever.
  • The slighter variations in the state of the blood have equally sure, though less palpable effects.
  • It seemed to Dick merely the palpable result of an inheritance that had gone into the blood.
  • Hugh and Westervelt maintained silence, but their opposition was as palpable as a cold wind.
  • Even in a day's visit he felt the grim destroyer's presence, palpable as the shadow of a cloud.
  • In shape as palpable they come, as doth Each outward image rise to corporeal sense.
  • This was a palpable falsehood, but Mr. Burke accepted the lame excuse without question.
  • The Bill is a palpable project to buy every one at the expense of the Irish Church.
  • Sixty years had moulded the steady and inflexible purpose of his soul in lines too palpable to be misunderstood.
  • He was drifting on a stream which sickened him, towards a palpable goal which he contemplated with terror.
  • The other halls had been in total darkness, but the blackness of this place appeared something palpable and weighty.
  • If the society is in a state of equilibrium, there will be a palpable agreement between what all severally expect and what all severally perform.
  • The girl had seated herself on one end of an extremely comfortless lounge and was making a palpable effort to seem at ease.
  • It is really a princely estate, with even greater hidden resources than those palpable and open to view.
  • It would be quite ridiculous, however, for me to attempt seriously to refute such a palpable imposture.
  • The happy mean between making too much of palpable differences and hurrying on to a similar rendering of similar signs is the rarest of gifts.
  • Some workmen standing near executed this order with the utmost despatch, much fearing a more palpable display of wrath.
  • And most palpable in it was the unrest, which spoke of an endless struggle with life, and had ended by goading him into incessant wandering.
  • For, so far from supporting it, these columns are the most convincing, the most direct and palpable refutation of his theory.
  • It is not exactly a noxious atmosphere; there is no palpable unpleasant odour in it, but it is used up, it is stale.
  • The palpable want of tact reveals in this man how the absence of the true 'gentleman element' can spoil a great intellect.
  • The first palpable symptom of general improvement, was the gradual return of his love for botany, and pleasure in the pursuit.
  • But to parish relief there was a distinct and palpable step: a step that, on the whole, it seemed easier not to take.
  • It is palpable that the elder Crashaw was spared the distress of the apostacy (as he should most trenchantly have named it) of his only son.
  • And if the debtor is able to pay one shilling more than he offers, it is a cheat, a palpable fraud, and of so much he actually robs his creditor.
  • To me you have appeared always calm, but never sad; but to-day there is a palpable weight of sorrow on you, which a child might read.
  • The absurdity of ascribing to John the Evangelist the possession of such an oratory is too palpable a falsehood to require any comment.
  • Above the canyon there were no stars visible; and below, it was wrapped in darkness, thick, velvety, palpable as lamp-black.
  • There all was either crowds, or solitude; the effort to seem delighted, or palpable discontent; extravagant festivity, or bitterness and frowns.

Short Example Sentence for Palpable

  • He looked up at her in a palpable relief.
  • A hit, a very palpable hit.
  • This palpable truth progress could not bear to listen to.
  • I was instantly sensible of this palpable contrivance to secure my return.
  • It's a lie, a palpable lie.
  • I could not utter this last sentence without palpable emotion.
  • Clothing the palpable and familiar With golden exhalations of the dawn.
  • Tis but the mental image to the brain Recoiling: yet as palpable it comes!

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