Parabola in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Parabola

1. The ellipse and the parabola have no asymptotes. 🔊

2. Conceituosa parabola das moscas e das maselas. 🔊

3. A parabola has one and only one focus in the finite part of the plane. 🔊

4. In a parabola of whiteness, Turns, And sinks to a perfect arc. 🔊

How to use Parabola in Sentences?

1. The segments cut off on any two tangents to a parabola by a variable tangent are proportional. 🔊

2. There are also colourless phosphorous rockets that describe a wide parabola in their flight. 🔊

3. Given the axis of a parabola and a tangent, with its point of contact, to find the focus. 🔊

4. The parabola is thus identified with the curve of the same name studied in treatises on analytic geometry. 🔊

5. The ancients were well acquainted with the surfaces obtained by revolving an ellipse or a parabola about an axis. 🔊

6. Pelicans sour the parabola distances between light and sound, become chancy over this distant breath of song. 🔊

7. Were the orbit a parabola or hyperbola the comet would never return (see ORBIT). 🔊

8. In other positions the projection of the sphere becomes an ellipse, or one of its varieties, the parabola and hyperbola. 🔊

9. He looked at Stover in sleepy reproachfulness, and then slid around the counter in the shortest parabola possible. 🔊

10. If he did, Brett could already see himself describing a parabola in the air, could hear his skull crashing against the pavement. 🔊

11. In this case the motion of the sun through space renders it almost infinitely improbable that the orbit would have been so nearly a parabola as all such orbits are actually found to be. 🔊

12. The dark mass which an aviator sees approaching when he is over the battlefield proves to be a fifteen-inch shell at the top of its parabola which passes ten feet over his head. 🔊

13. The abscissas of two points on a parabola are to each other as the squares of the corresponding cooerdinates, a diameter and the tangent to the curve at the extremity of the diameter being the axes of reference. 🔊

14. In a parabola the vertex is equally distant from the focus and the directrix, these three points and the point at infinity on the axis being four harmonic points. 🔊