Partake in a sentence

Definition of Partake

(intransitive, formal) To take part in an activity; to participate. | (intransitive) To take a share or portion (of). | (intransitive, archaic) To have something of the properties, character, or office (of).

How to use Partake in a Sentence?

  • And when the food is ready, you partake of one portion, and set the other aside.
  • At a third, she was disconcerted, by a familiar invitation to partake of a cup of cyder.
  • Three quarters of the people never partake of other meat than pigeons, poultry, and wild ducks.
  • Let them partake your joyes and weep with you, Curle not the snarles that dwell upon these browes.
  • Tents were then pitched, and I invited Hussein to partake of refreshment, which was refused.
  • I must assume that they are, and that those who partake the franchises which make it partake of a benefit.
  • But of primitive sacrifice generally we may affirm that it consists of such food and drink as men themselves partake of.
  • Knowledge was made free to everyone who was interested in learning the truths about their past and many citizens did partake of this freedom.
  • The ulcers from buboes partake of the same character, the edges being hard and the ulcer disposed to burrow.
  • William appeared to be tempting some small reluctant animal to descend from an upper perch to partake of half an apple.
  • Meals are served on a round tray placed on a stool, around which the family squat and partake from a common dish.
  • I could not resist the invitation of Barlow to partake of the refreshments which we saw upon the table.
  • It is true that he refused with a great show of courtesy, but he seemed determined to partake of nothing which the house could offer.
  • He had been made so happy by his acceptance of what opponents called the "new religion" that he wanted all his friends to partake of his happiness.
  • Refusing a polite invitation to partake of the supper, always in waiting, we took leave about two hours after midnight.
  • In the mean time the rude hospitality of the cabin was proffered to us, and we gladly sat down to partake of cocoanut milk and bananas.
  • I again partake of it, do I set forth to find if any there be who know aught of my grandfather or sister.
  • All men, apart from what they have done for themselves, stand equally near to each other, since all equally partake of reason.
  • Soon the supper smoked on the table, and Adiva pressed her hospitably to sit up, and to partake of it.
  • The vireos, or greenlets, are a sort of connecting link between the warblers and the true fly-catchers, and partake of the characteristics of both.
  • I'll partake wi' naebody; I'll take Cuckold frae nane, I'll gie Cuckold to naebody.
  • No warm bath shalt thou affect, nor soft bed; flesh shalt thou not eat nor shalt thou partake of drink which can intoxicate.
  • All these and many other prophecies were freely uttered, and it really appeared as if our expedition was to partake strongly of the nature of a forlorn-hope.
  • Buddha, however preached a sermon after the meal, in which he forbade his disciples to partake of the flesh of such animals as had been killed on their account.
  • These theoretical chapters will be illustrated in the same fashion as the others, except that the illustrations will partake of the generalized and abstract character of the text which they accompany.
  • The funeral guests were dispersing with the exception of those of higher position, who had been invited by the young baronet to partake of a breakfast provided at the hall.
  • So long as you or your children partake of it it will not grow smaller and will always remain fresh, but if you should give the least morsel to a stranger the loaf will disappear.
  • Hallucinations of the taste cause patients to enjoy delightful dishes, or to partake of spoiled meat and other unpalatable viands, which have no existence.
  • All nature around was hushed in silence, and seemed to partake of the general melancholy which hung over the quiet resting place of departed mortals.
  • They desire that you should partake of that great good that God has given them, and that unspeakable and eternal blessedness that he has promised them.
  • Close under a stone they sat down to partake of the noonday meal, listening to the shrill winds sweeping over the dreary waste and gazed at the cloud-capped peak above.
  • In order that any act of the will should partake of a moral nature, it must be free from the dominion of causes over which it has no control, or from whose influence it cannot depart.

Short Example Sentence for Partake

  • Yet they surely both partake of the same and of the other?
  • I was invited to his comfortable house to partake of coffee.
  • Here in the shade we will rest, and partake of our noon-tide refreshment.
  • Yet, surely, motion is the same, because all things partake of the same.
  • To partake of the pleasures 290 Of rich hospitality.
  • I am only Spar'd to partake with thee newe miseryes.
  • As we know and partake of Him, we shall know and partake of Holiness.
  • My friend's manner, however, did not partake of the restraint of mine.

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