Perfect in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Perfect

1. Her pose was perfect in its ease and middle-aged grace. 🔊

2. I can see the farm yet, with perfect clearness. 🔊

3. On the back path Davidson strolled in perfect solitude. 🔊

4. The calm was perfect upon which the "Grave" broke. 🔊

5. That, and the short time of perfect reason before he sank to rest. 🔊

6. They must be cut apart and rearranged so as to form a perfect checker board. 🔊

7. I seemed to have lived ages, but yet all struck me in perfect unison as new. 🔊

8. They were given to him by the Author of every good and perfect gift. 🔊

9. There was perfect serenity upon her face,--yes! 🔊

How to use Perfect in Sentences?

1. In my own case the analogy is perfect between my conceptions then and my positive existence now. 🔊

2. And in a moment with perfect tact and dignity she got up from her chair and left him alone. 🔊

3. It was so perfect that it stood the test of sugarlessness, which I preferred, if possible. 🔊

4. Teleki was prepared for some such answer, and summoned to his aid all the sophistry of which he was so perfect a master. 🔊

5. This completes the chain of logic, and the process is held up by his followers to the admiration of the world as a perfect demonstration. 🔊

6. She refused to live in a perfect palace with an aunt of hers, merely because the aunt objected to her going to life class. 🔊

7. Perfect truth, perfect honesty, perfect candor, were qualities of her character which were born with her. 🔊

8. His face, despite the wrinkles which cover it, is fresh and ruddy, and his teeth are as perfect as those of a youth. 🔊

9. How, then, could Zaleucus have displayed both of these attributes in the most perfect and affecting manner? 🔊

10. I laughed out, with the most perfect sympathy in her sentiment; and then she laughed, and looked at me exactly as an infant does in mirthful play. 🔊

11. Is there any higher end than the perfect moral purity of the universe, which God seeks to accomplish by the permission of sin? 🔊

12. I have compared and contrasted her with hundreds of persons, and my conviction remains that hers was the most perfect character I have ever met. 🔊

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