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How To Use Perplexed In A Sentence?

  • Gregory was silent for a moment and she saw that her persistence troubled and perplexed him.
  • She was perplexed to see a sheet of paper with writing on it pinned to the table.
  • The perplexed nature of the evidence has already been explained, and may be briefly recapitulated.
  • And this was all the information the sympathetic and perplexed Cyn could obtain.
  • He thinks intently one moment, and then turns on the silent colonel and their perplexed landlord.
  • In silence McLean gazed upon him, perplexed and clouded, his quizzical twinkle gone.
  • What perplexed me was that they should wish to attack us at all after having let so many opportunities of doing so go by.
  • She looked round first at her husband and then at the knife-grinder with a perplexed and startled gaze.
  • He was perplexed at the wireless operator's furtive examination of the promenade deck.
  • The dog had perplexed everybody, and they went back to the copper palace knowing no more than when they left it.
  • Her tenderness for the bird, conflicting as it did with his earlier impression of her, both amused and perplexed him.
  • What she was hoping for was that the answer would unriddle the riddle, and bring rest and peace to her perplexed little mind.
  • Yet I was held perplexed and powerless by her unexpected and unacknowledged identification of that clue to the unknown dead.
  • But the door still weighed upon his mind, for after carefully closing it, he stood and stared at it with a very perplexed face.
  • He sat down and in turn passed his hand across his forehead, as perplexed as had been Barkley before him.
  • This view of the subject recommends itself powerfully to the human mind, which has, in all ages, been worried and perplexed by it.
  • In Ireland he always appeared to be a naturalist, perplexed at not understanding the species among which his lot was for the time cast.
  • His eye suddenly sought mine, and then I distinctly saw a trace of amusement mingling with his perplexed and annoyed expression.
  • Her voice had a soft and musical tone which Perenna loved to hear; and, himself a little perplexed by Mlle.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Perplexed | Perplexed Sentence

  • This amused him and perplexed him.
  • My words perplexed her.
  • All these reflections perplexed me greatly.
  • Letty was perplexed and a little troubled.
  • I received the information in perplexed silence.
  • Our eyes met perplexed for an extraordinary moment.
  • At last he sat up, with a perplexed look.
  • When he came out, he looked perplexed and angry.
  • She nodded, with a perplexed and inquiring eye on me.
  • I took her hands, perplexed beyond measure.
  • Such, then, is the perplexed condition of the evidence.
  • Boyce looked at Lloyd with a perplexed expression.
  • Round-faced Markart nodded in a perplexed fashion.
  • Lloyd wasn't at all perplexed by her question.
  • Nothing confused her now; nothing perplexed her in her knowledge of him.
  • No sound mind is ever perplexed by the contemplation of mysteries.
  • I was silent for a few moments, perplexed to know what answer to give.
  • Jonah stared at her with a perplexed frown, and then the words came in a rush.
  • For a time I was perplexed beyond measure to account for this campaign.
  • At this he turned with a perplexed look again to Cyn, who proceeded.
  • A look of perplexed innocence came over Wickersham's face.

Definition of Perplexed

Confused or puzzled. | Bewildered. | simple past tense and past participle of perplex
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