Persevere in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Persevere

1. Alone and watchful you persevere in the right path. 🔊

2. He told the senators to persevere in the war. 🔊

3. You shall urge him to persevere in the pearl industry. 🔊

4. How does Mr. Holmes persevere about smoking? 🔊

5. Think what you throw from you if you persevere in your foolish refusal. 🔊

6. But it has ever been characteristic of me to persevere in what I undertake. 🔊

How to use Persevere in Sentences?

1. If he persevere he can gradually learn to draw the statue with increasing accuracy. 🔊

2. Maud Brabazon was only confirmed in her purpose to persevere to the uttermost in her warning. 🔊

3. He did not, however, persevere in this contempt of luxury; nor did he close his days with honour. 🔊

4. With or without encouragement, he was resolute to persevere in Poetry, and did persevere. 🔊

5. At the same time I would advise him to persevere with the rest, even at the cost of some effort. 🔊

6. And before long fresh incidents arose which made it impossible for him to persevere in fighting their battle. 🔊

7. It is all possible, should we persevere in fighting the enemy with one hand and feeding him with the other. 🔊

8. But those who are in slavery are most severely persecuted, yet they persevere in spite of terrors and threats. 🔊

9. Destroy the sensation which makes them wish to persevere in the experiment of living, and there is nothing left. 🔊

10. During his last hours he fervently exhorted all to persevere in the undertaking that had been begun, promising them a happy result. 🔊

11. For months did the ingenious knight persevere with the training of his dogs, himself on horseback in full armour cheering them to the assault. 🔊

12. Its hide was, perhaps, too tough for convenience, but its inner lusciousness tempted me to persevere in the consumption of it. 🔊