Persevere In A Sentence

Definition of Persevere

To persist steadfastly in pursuit of an undertaking, task, journey, or goal, even if hindered by distraction, difficulty, obstacles, or discouragement.

How To Use Persevere In A Sentence?

  • If he persevere he can gradually learn to draw the statue with increasing accuracy.
  • We very clearly see if we persevere in this course, that it will lead us to immortality.
  • It is necessary to persevere, to persevere always, and the end will be obtained.
  • Maud Brabazon was only confirmed in her purpose to persevere to the uttermost in her warning.
  • He did not, however, persevere in this contempt of luxury; nor did he close his days with honour.
  • With or without encouragement, he was resolute to persevere in Poetry, and did persevere.
  • At the same time I would advise him to persevere with the rest, even at the cost of some effort.
  • And before long fresh incidents arose which made it impossible for him to persevere in fighting their battle.
  • The barefoot boy did persevere until he had overcome every difficulty and become a master of his art.
  • It is all possible, should we persevere in fighting the enemy with one hand and feeding him with the other.
  • But those who are in slavery are most severely persecuted, yet they persevere in spite of terrors and threats.
  • We accept your homage with all due appreciation, and trust you will ever persevere in your loyalty.
  • Destroy the sensation which makes them wish to persevere in the experiment of living, and there is nothing left.
  • Government frequently severely punishes them for making it; but they still persevere in producing this incentive to intoxication and crime.
  • During his last hours he fervently exhorted all to persevere in the undertaking that had been begun, promising them a happy result.
  • For months did the ingenious knight persevere with the training of his dogs, himself on horseback in full armour cheering them to the assault.
  • After a little hesitation, he ascended; his country manners showing a determination to persevere until fairly delivered of his errand.
  • Its hide was, perhaps, too tough for convenience, but its inner lusciousness tempted me to persevere in the consumption of it.
  • He salutes the brethren; 3 exhorts them to persevere in good works, 4 and not to be moved by vain speaking.
  • If you have the impudence to persevere in mis-naming this "love," supply any one instance in which you use the word in this sense?
  • The prayers ended with a special reference to those present, that they might persevere in the Lord even to the end.
  • A maid had, indeed, a hard time to live in colonial days, did she persevere in her singular choice of remaining single.
  • Some individuals therefore fail to breed, whilst others, perhaps because their impulse is stronger, persevere and seek stations elsewhere.
  • It takes some time for the sulphur to do its work, therefore persevere in its use till the humors, or pimples, or blotches, disappear.
  • I hope the resolve will not fail me, steadfastly to persevere till it may please the inexorable Fates to cut the thread of my life.
  • He was my director; I nursed him in his last illness, and he showed me the way to heaven, bidding me persevere in my duty.
  • They had little to answer to these arguments, but for all that they were not willing to regulate their conduct as they should, but to persevere in their theme.
  • A person should not be disheartened if at the first few sittings nothing of any moment takes place, but should persevere with patience and self-control.
  • In his own words, he declared that his wish was that all free-born youth should persevere in learning until they could read the English Scriptures.
  • And, I should add, there must be more joy in hell for one good man who goes wrong than for a hundred sinners who persevere in their wicked ways.
  • It would be well for us if we could shake off this baleful system of requiring that a man who has once made a fool of himself shall always thereafter persevere in being one.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Persevere | Persevere Sentence

  • I will persevere faithfully and patiently.
  • Alone and watchful you persevere in the right path.
  • He told the senators to persevere in the war.
  • You shall urge him to persevere in the pearl industry.
  • Still, he resolved to persevere in his investigations.
  • How does Mr. Holmes persevere about smoking?
  • Think what you throw from you if you persevere in your foolish refusal.
  • But it has ever been characteristic of me to persevere in what I undertake.

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