Phenomenon in a sentence

Definition of Phenomenon

A thing or being, event or process, perceptible through senses; or a fact or occurrence thereof. | (extension) A knowable thing or event (eg by inference, especially in science). | (metonymy) A kind or type of phenomenon (sense 1 or 2).

How to use Phenomenon in a Sentence?

  • Sometimes he had found himself wondering at the phenomenon of her attraction for him.
  • All readers will be aware of the phenomenon of the curdling or souring of milk.
  • The permission of natural and moral evil is a phenomenon which cannot be disputed.
  • Your own mind has the power to transmute every external phenomenon to its own purposes.
  • The name of this village perpetuates a phenomenon which is becoming more rare each year.
  • This phenomenon is nearly always witnessed in the case of really critical battles.
  • The phenomenon was evidently caused by the port-hole lights of an electrically-lit steamer.
  • Setting aside what relates to political economy, this phenomenon leads to false reasoning.
  • The first is animal-worship, a phenomenon of frequent occurrence and of perplexing import.
  • Insensibility to impressions from without is another phenomenon which magnetic sleep has in common with many other conditions.
  • The charge has been made that social service was only a temporary phenomenon which would soon disappear.
  • Every state of the sensibility is a passive impression, a necessitated phenomenon of the human mind.
  • The phenomenon did not last more than half a minute, and with its abrupt disappearance came a repetition of the cry.
  • This phenomenon has such an intimate relation to all problems connected with the cell, that it must be described somewhat in detail.
  • The appearance of the phenomenon was followed, as usual, by a catastrophe to one of the local boats.
  • But though the identity of the god and the victim is manifest, the phenomenon is too common in religion to be called peculiar.
  • The strange phenomenon was visible only for a moment or two, and as it passed out of my sight it passed also out of my mind.
  • This phenomenon is known as polarization, and in commercial cells means must be taken to prevent such action as far as possible.
  • This luminous and doubtless electric phenomenon took place in highly exceptional circumstances, and is the only case recorded in recent times.
  • Let us look at it closely, and mark its characteristic well, being careful to see neither more nor less than is presented by the phenomenon itself.
  • Before and during the electrical "dust-storms" in India, this phenomenon is of frequent occurrence in the hair of both sexes.
  • Here, then, without having recourse to the romantic principle of chivalry, we have an adequate solution of the phenomenon of the first Crusade.
  • As this absolute, ideal, universal, compared to which everything else is a particular, it is the phenomenon of God.
  • A very peculiar and utterly inexplicable phenomenon belonging to this class of ghostly appearances is the complete removal of persons by an unseen power.
  • It is now well known that the phenomenon called sound consists of a wave agitation communicated through the particles of some medium to the organ of hearing.
  • My companion said that such a relation seemed to him to lie as near to the solution of the question of the preservation of identity after death as any other phenomenon of life.
  • There were such prophets of Baal as well as of Jehovah, so that the phenomenon is not specifically Israelite.
  • One perplexing phenomenon must not be overlooked: it will often happen that young people pass through a period of what appears to be parental aversion.
  • We refrain in this place from indicating the mythological basis which underlies such a tale as this, as such a phenomenon is already amply illustrated in other works in this series.
  • It sometimes happened that others besides myself were watching this strange luminous light, and it was probably set down as some phenomenon of the night-side of nature.
  • The name is of no importance; the circumstances under which the phenomenon arises have called attention to it, and the precise thing intended is seen in the light of consciousness.
  • This phenomenon was naturally accompanied by numerous instances of indiscipline among students which Government has repeatedly been obliged to denounce.
  • But it must be remembered that at that time the mere performance of duty by a public officer was so extraordinary a phenomenon that loyal people were brought to believe it merited especial recognition.

Short Example Sentence for Phenomenon

  • The phenomenon was the commonest.
  • Describe the phenomenon of polarization.
  • He conceived himself as a phenomenon to be explained.
  • Instantly a startling phenomenon sprang into view.
  • The phenomenon was not lost upon Fyles.
  • Another phenomenon of no less disagreeable omen was making its appearance.
  • I struck a match, and, as I had anticipated, the phenomenon vanished.

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